Remember when people were signing up for a boarding pass to Mars? With everything that is going on in our planet right now, no wonder they’re excited about life outside of Earth. This time around, DHL is on a mission to send postcards to the moon and you can join in on this innovative quest.

Lunar Lander

Astrobiotic’s Peregrine Lander has been set to deliver cargo to the moon this 2021. The spacecraft is about the size of a compact car and can carry up to 200kg of cargo. Its main objective is to carry payloads (in layman’s term: transmitted data), for governments, companies, universities, non-profits, and individuals. Of course, sending something to outer space isn’t cheap and will cost $1.2 million per kilogram of payloads.

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Moonbox Service

Payloads aren’t the only thing that’s being transported, though. DHL has partnered with Astrobiotic for a Moonbox service that allows people to send keepsakes to the moon for a starting price of $460. The items you could send include a family photo, heirloom ring, or a cufflink or pin that you want to be immortalized on the celestial body.

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Postcards to the Moon

Those who aren’t willing to fork out that kind of amount can still send their favorite memories to the moon. DHL’s Love you to the Moon and Back campaign is the ultimate gesture of love and friendship for “anyone who wants to look up at the night sky and see a cherished memory glowing amongst the twinkling stars.” The best part is it’s free and easy to do.

Send a Postcard to the Moon for Free

The process is just like writing an actual postcard. Simply upload a picture of you and a loved one to their website and include a short but sweet message. They will then notify you once they receive your file and schedule it to be shipped with the Peregrine Lander. They’ll even stick a custom Moon postage stamp on your postcard before it blasts off into space.

The international logistics company has been committed to delivering anywhere since 1969 and now their services are extending out of this world. Learn more about DHL’s first delivery to the moon here.

All images used are taken from DHL’s website.

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