The Chris Evans nude leak just goes to show the public’s double standards

Earlier this week, Chris Evans trended on Twitter. As it usually goes for those not taking part in the trending hashtag, they usually click on it to find out what the fuss is all about. However, in this hashtag’s case, Chris Evans memes and wholesome pics flooded the hashtag so the initial reason why he was trending in the first place was buried in all those posts. 

It turns out that the reason why he trended in the first place was because he accidentally posted nudes on his Instagram via a story video. Even though Evans deleted it right away, some people who saw it took screenshots to leak it in social media again. To keep the nudes hidden from those who scour the web for the nudes, Evans’ fans decided to bury it with wholesome posts.

While it’s heartwarming to see that his fans are protecting him, the situation just revealed the lingering double standard in society. If it was an actress whose nudes are leaked, netizens wouldn’t shield her nudes by flooding it with wholesome posts. A small demographic might try, but majority would be scouring the net just to take a look at those nudes. Aside from that, the actress will also get backlash and be called degrading names for taking nudes in the first place. 

The same thing happened to Jennifer Lawrence. In her case, her nudes were leaked without her consent but still, she was attacked for it. Instead of putting the blame on whoever leaked her nudes, people decided to direct the blame on her. 

While steps are being made all over the world for gender equality, it is in small instances like this that we realize there’s still so much work to do, especially in how women are perceived by society in contrast to men. Hopefully the next time a female celebrity or any female whose nudes get leaked, the same positive support would meet them instead of malicious posts trying to further spread or attack them. 


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