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What the Year of the Ox Could Mean for You

Kung hei fat choi! We celebrated the Lunar New Year on February 12, 2021 last week, ushering in the Year of the Metal Ox.

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This year is apparently a good year for work, relationships, and finances for all those who persevere. It is the year of fruitful produce and peace, if we work hard enough for it.

Though some signs will seem to have a better year than others. Here are the lucky signs for this year:


chinese zodiac rat
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Because the Rat and Ox get along well with each other, those born in the Year of the Rat can expect an easier year with minimal troubles with a little effort. If the Rat works a little bit harder, long-awaited blessings may arrive.


chinese zodiac snake
Photo from Chinese New Year

The Snake is in a good year, as it is in a harmony triangle with Ox and Rooster. Career-wise, the Snake will be rewarded for its hard work and recognition may come about. Though, it may pay to be more cautious of how to handle relationships.


chinese zodiac horse
Photo from Chinese New Year

It’s a particularly good year to start new relationships for the Horse. The Horse will benefit from personal interactions, but should be wary of romantic relationships. New opportunities will also arise, but wait! 2022, the Year of the Tiger, is a better time to pursue them.


chinese zodiac monkey
Photo from Chinese New Year

2021 is an ideal year for the Monkey, as blessings and career advancement seem likely. Wealth is unstable, however, and the Monkey should focus on saving and investing this year, rather than spending.


chinese zodiac pig
Photo from Chinese New Year

Luck is on Pig’s side this 2021 as one can expect harmony, opportunities, and career advancement to arise. With proper focus on 2021 goals, the Pig will flourish this year!

Tough luck for the rest of us out there. But don’t worry, other signs can expect a relatively easier year as well. Check out your horoscope here:


chinese zodiac ox
Photo from Chinese New Year

For this year, the Ox will finally be able to reap the benefits of the hard work put in the previous year. It will be a positive and productive year as relationships and opportunities will be ripe.


chinese zodiac tiger
Photo from Chinese New Year

For the Tiger, patience and control are key. With these two values, the Tiger will experience a solid year in preparation for the Year of the Tiger in 2022. Temper and rebelliousness should also be kept at bay.


chinese zodiac rabbit
Photo from Chinese New Year

It looks like a slow year for the Rabbit. Frustration and impatience may arise from not being able to make results happen right away, but as long as the Rabbit stays consistent, 2021 is sure to bring better results.


chinese zodiac dragon
Photo from Chinese New Year

The Dragon will do well this year with a grounded mindset. With structure and stability, the Dragon will experience progress in all hopeful endeavors. It will also be of benefit to mind interpersonal relationships and prepare for obstacles to come your way.

Goat (or Sheep)

chinese zodiac goat
Photo from Chinese New Year

Sadly, it is not an auspicious time for the Sheep to engage in new opportunities this year. It’s best for the Sheep to refocus energy into maintaining current progress, staying focused and organized, and keeping track of finances.


chinese zodiac rooster
Photo from Chinese New Year

Expect a better year this year, Rooster! With dedication and hard work, success can be attained (especially in the career department). Saving money may also be a good practice for the Rooster this year.


chinese zodiac dog
Photo from Chinese New Year

It’ll be a tough year for the Dog this year. There will be some instability and pessimism present in the Dog’s life, as well as a lot of negative thoughts. But have no fear, much of this misfortune may turn the tide in 2022.


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