Enjoy Luxurious Comfort with Linen & Home’s Amazing Discount

Luxurious comfortable bedding at a fair price sounds like an impossible dream, am i right? However, Linen & Homes has made it something readily and easily attainable.

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Linen & Homes is the brainchild of a loving couple who experienced the best sheets during their honeymoon. Given they couldn’t find a sheet that resembled what they used, they decided to take the task upon themselves and create sheets that needs to be on bed. The results were astounding, as they have created cozy bamboo beddings that are comfortable, sustainable and free of any chemical softeners.

PJ Linen Homes
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Their website at https://www.linenandhomes.com/ boasts of other great products, not just their gorgeous beddings. Linen & Homes also sell pillowcases, duvet covers, towels, and sleep wears. If you’re looking for a gift, they also gift sets that are perfect.

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Photo by Linen & Homes

For those looking for a sweet deal, Linen and Homes, in partnership with FreebieMNL, is giving away up to 500PHP off when you purchase a minimum of 2500PHP from their online store! Just sign up to FreebieMNL’s viber channel and proceed to Redeem Vouchers. You may sign up via: http://bit.ly/FreebieMNLNowonViber

For more information about Linen & Homes, visit their website and their Facebook Page!

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