Staycation in the time of COVID-19? ZEN Rooms offers ‘safecation’!

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It is no surprise that staycations have become the trend these days especially for those who have an appetite for traveling. This has become the new normal of traveling as search volumes for safe staycation spots have increased through time. And instead of going to a local destination or abroad, people are looking into staying at a comfortable and safe home-away-from-home space worrying about contracting the virus.

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If you’re wondering how to do a staycation in the new normal, you’ve come to the right place as ZEN Rooms offers quality hospitality service in the region! There’s no reason for you to skip a ‘safecation’ in any of their properties as they will surely give you a bang for your buck with their comfortable spaces and top amenities.

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Photo from ZEN Rooms

They have properties in major cities like Manila, Quezon City, Makati, and even in Tagaytay, and are nearby top attractions and scenic views. And for every room you book, you get more than what you pay for– fast free wi-fi, cool air-conditioned units, hot shower, reliable customer service, and spotless beds. Apart from these, you are also assured of your safety as they follow COVID-19 safety measures strictly. Their safe and sanitized rooms are sure they can boast about.

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Photo from ZEN Rooms

And speaking of affordability, you can enjoy the best deals for Metro Manila Safecation with ZEN Rooms for as low as Php799/night! Use FreebieMNL’s exclusive code: ZENFREEBIEMNL10 to avail of the discount. Just show your valid ID for a hassle-free check-in in select properties. Hurry! This discount is valid until June 30, 2021 only!

To know more about ZEN Room’s FAQs related to COVID-19 bookings, check out this link. For their COVID-19 guidelines, click this link to read their 17-step strict safety measures. 

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