Will Andres Muhlach Join Sister Atasha In “Eat Bulaga?”

Why did it take time before Andres Muhlach joined showbiz?

Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez’s son, Andres Muhlach, has finally joined show business.

He signed a management contract with VIVA Artists Agency today, April 15 at VIVA Café. Present at the contract signing are VIVA executives Vincent del Rosario, Veronique Del Rosario, and Valerie del Rosario.

During the contract signing/mediacon, Andres was introduced by VAA as its “Prince of Hearts.”

At the Q&A after the contract signing, FreebieMNL asked Andres about the projects he is set to do for VIVA.

He answered, “Well, I’m not sure if I can disclose just yet which projects. But, definitely, there are things lined up in the future, and really excited to show you guys eventually.”

Andres Muhlach
Andres Muhlach signs a contract with VIVA Artists Agency. With him are VIVA bosses Val del Rosario, Veronique del Rosario-Corpus, and Vincent del Rosario
PHOTO: VIVA Artists Agency

Before formally joining showbiz, Andres made a guest appearance on the noontime show “Eat Bulaga,” where his twin sister Atasha is a mainstay.

Are there plans to make him a regular host in the long-running noontime show?

Andres said, “Well, there aren’t necessarily any talks but I’m not closing my doors to anything, and given how well Tasha’s doing in ‘Eat Bulaga,’ as a brother, I am really really proud of her and she’s doing great, she’s flying high!”

In fact, when he did his guesting for “Eat Bulaga,” Atasha became a big help for him to overcome stage jitters.

“Tasha, of course, is always there to guide me as my sister and really my best friend.

“Actually, she dropped by backstage and she caught me mid-prayers, I was so nervous, and she told me, ‘Hey, Andres, you got this. Don’t worry.’

“So, I really appreciate her for who she is and being a big help to me.”

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Finally joining showbiz

It took a while before Andres decided to join show business, even if a lot of fans have been wishing for him to try out the industry that made his parents famous.

Atasha went ahead before him, signing a management contract with VAA in July 2023.

Andres Muhlach
Andres Muhlach

According to Andres, he was really interested in joining showbiz even before, but he had to gain more confidence and comfortability before plunging into this world.

He explained, “I’ve always been interested in the industry, in show business. Growing up as well seeing my dad, I’ve always been interested in the industry.

“It’s just that in the case that Tasha’s definitely more vocal about it and as of me, I was more of the quiet type, I kept it to myself.

“Eventually, in time, when I felt confident enough and comfortable, I had a talk with my parents and I really told them that this is what I wanna do and I wanna take this opportunity and not miss out.”

But what was his impression about showbiz when he was younger?

The 22-year-old celebrity answered, “Seeing my parents in the industry as a kid, I didn’t really understand much of it, I’ll just see that they’ll come home from work and that’s their job.

“As I got older, I understand what it really is and how the industry affects other people’s lives, how my parents touch other people’s lives and stuff.”

But actually, he was not made aware that his parents were actually icons in the industry.

“I never really understood, growing up I never felt that they were famous people.

“It’s just that every time they come home, I would see them as my mom and my dad, and the loving people that they are, the supportive people that they are.

“Of course, through time, as we got more exposed to certain things—commercials, endorsements—I started to really see how famous they really were, especially my dad when he picked me up at school before and all the staff, ‘Oh my God, si Aga Muhlach,’ and I didn’t really understand back then. As time went by, I started to realize.”

Now, Andres is gearing up for his first project, the sitcom “The First Family” where he’ll work with Charlene, Aga, and Atasha, together with Bayani Agbayani among others.

But aside from acting, Andres also wants to showcase his other talents.

“Well, I really love to dance. Honestly, I really enjoy dancing. Ever since I was a little boy, I always just dance, so you can watch out for that for sure in the future.”

How about singing?

Laughing, Andres told the press, “Yun lang!”

He then added, “I’m working on it, workshops with VIVA, I’m working on bettering my singing abilities because eventually, I really do wanna be able to have a great voice, be able to perform and sing for people. So, coming soon.”

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