Ben Affleck Surprises Crowd At Valorant Champions 2023; Admits Playing The Game

The actor said he wasn’t a fan of the recent Jett nerf

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck has emerged as an unexpected fan of the popular game Valorant.

Valorant presents a team-oriented, first-person tactical hero shooter experience set in a futuristic world.

Within the game, participants assume the roles of diverse Agents, each drawing inspiration from various global cultures. The central gameplay mode divides players into two teams—attackers and defenders—each consisting of five members.

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The Valorant Champions 2023 tournament concluded with Evil Geniuses securing the title. Their match against Paper Rex marked the third most-watched final in Valorant history.

However, it was Ben who became the star of the show.

Ben engaged with Shannon Williams, the voice behind the character Jett, during a pre-game interview. During this exchange, Ben said, “Yeah, but then they nerfed Jett.”

This interaction caught fans around them off guard and confirmed Ben’s identity as a Valorant player. Alongside showcasing his familiarity with the game, Ben also revealed he plays as an initiator, favoring the agent KAY/O.

Nevertheless, he occasionally switches to the duelist agent Raze. Ben said, “I think Raze is like my other main. I’m a little promiscuous with who I main. I move around a little bit.”

His sentiments further confirm that he regularly plays the game and knows it very well.

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This revelation parallels Zack Snyder, director of Ben’s Batman portrayal, divulging his love for Fortnite during Gamescom. This news even adds a new layer to Ben’s role in the movie “Gone Girl,” where his character was seen playing “Battlefield 3.”

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