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R&B Singer Chad Price Drops New Single ‘Broken Open’

The Canadian artist hopes the song brings hope to those who feel like they’re alone.

R&B singer Chad Price turned his healing journey into a song of resilience. “Broken Open” is a vibrant new single that draws on the emerging artist’s inner demons.

Chad recorded “Broken Open” in late 2019 with producer Matthew Johnston. The song juxtaposes a catchy pop melody with Chad’s message of vulnerability. That’s a common feature of his music.

Chad’s soothing vocals are a perfect balance between happy and sad. His performance enhances the heartwarming lyrics. The finished product captures the complexities of self-actualization and overcoming internal struggles.

FreebieMNL was able to do an exclusive interview with Chad. He talked about his latest single, his songwriting process, and his future plans.

Chad Price on making the song

FreebieMNL (FM): You recorded the song in late 2019. How does it feel to have it out three years later and hear the fans’ reception and feedback?

Chad Price (CP): Oh my goodness! Yeah, it feels long overdue. This is a song that I had to keep in my back pocket for a couple of years. Now that it’s out, I’m relieved. I’ve been so excited about this song for a long time. The feedback from people has been lovely. It feels like it’s connecting and making an impact and they get it. It’s been all love and all positive.

FM: “Broken Open” has a lot of pain but there’s also a tinge of hope in there. Can you tell us what was going through your head when you were making this song?

CP: You’re right, there’s a solemn darkness to it but also this hopeful optimism. I love songs that you can dance and cry to at the same time, and I wanted to make one. This ended up being the one that feels like that.

I wanted to dig deep and express some things that have been on my mind for a long time. Things that I’ve been too scared to talk about out in the open. Negative thoughts that I’ve been struggling with for a long time. This song is about expressing that. I’m allowing myself to understand that a lot of people feel this way, and that we can get through these feelings together. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to express myself in an authentic way. I haven’t been this genuine and this personal before.

What he hopes people will feel after listening to it

FM: What do you want your listeners to take from the song?

CP: I want them to listen to this song and feel hopeful. I want them to feel that they’re not alone in their pain. Everyone has something. Everyone has stuff they’d rather not talk about.

I’m trying to tap into that with everyone and let them know that they’re seen. It’s OK to express those feelings. Talk to your friends, your family, or a therapist. Talk to whoever can create a safe space for you to let this stuff out and work past it.

That’s what I hope people feel from this song. I hope it helps them become truer versions of themselves.

FM: With such a strong first single, what else can we expect from your upcoming album?

CP: You can expect similar sentiments. “Broken Open” is a good preface for the album. It’s about being more vulnerable about myself and my emotions, mental health, and thoughts. So that’s a heavy emphasis on what’s to come. It’s also about acknowledging things within me that I used to sweep under the rug.

The next album is not about me bringing a resolution to any of these things. It’s the acknowledgment that is often the most difficult part. So I hope people that sentiment inspires people. It’s scary to look at some of the worst parts of you, but that’s what you have to do to move forward. More of that is what you can expect from the upcoming music.

What Chad Price has in store

FM: Now that the world’s opening up again, do you have any plans to tour?

CP: Yes. Lots of shows are coming. There are some things in the works that I’m excited about. In the meantime, I’m getting warmed up. I haven’t been on stage for two years because of COVID. Now that things are opening back up, I’m starting to play again. I had a show here in Toronto that went super well. I’m ramping up for more shows here in Canada. We’ll be going international in 2023.

I’d love to go back to Southeast Asia and play some shows. We’re working on that.

FM: Do you have a message for your Filipino fans?

CP: Thank you to all my Filipino fans for listening to “Broken Open.” I appreciate you making a little bit of room in your lives for this song. I wish you all peace, love, and happiness. Also, I can’t wait to play shows down there for you and be on stage and connect. Again, thanks for listening to the music.

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