Diana Zubiri Reveals Distasteful Experience In A Luxury Store

Diana walks out of the store with her mother-in-law

Diana Zubiri has shared in a YouTube vlog her unpleasant customer service in a Louis Vuitton store in Adelaide, Australia.

Diana Zubiri
Diana Zubiri
IMAGE: dianazubirismith on Instagram

In an uploaded YouTube video on December 21, 2023, Diana recalled her spontaneous trip with her mother-in-law to the newly opened store near her home. 

The “Encantadia” star is currently based in Australia with her husband Andy Smith and kids. 

According to Diana, she and her mother-in-law were given a relatively unfriendly service when they asked for a price of an item.

Diana narrates, “So, pumasok kami sa store na ito tapos nagtanong kami. Nag-inquire kami magkano kasi walang presyo. ‘Tapos di kami pinapansin.”

Diana, who says she exchanged knowing stares with her mother-in-law, approached the staff for a follow-up. However, they were snubbed for the second time. 

She says, “Tapos noong pangalawang tanong namin, parang sabi, ‘Oh, you wait for your turn’ until may bakante, ganyan.” 

Despite poor customer service, Diana says she still understands, given that the store was particularly busy and full-packed at that time. But she says that the staff could still handle it nicer. 

Diana says, “Kumbaga, parang sana maayos lang yung pagkakasabi, kasi it’s not maayos…na parang nagmamadali sila.” 

Parang hindi sila interesado sa amin kasi gano’n lang yung itsura namin. Gano’n yung na-feel ko.”

The actress shares that she dropped by the store in just a gym outfit, with her mother-in-law who also looked a bit underdressed for the store. 

For Diana, there are plenty of ways the staff could have accommodated them. For one, she says, they could inform them that “We’re not available yet” or that they could at least leave them on hold with “For a moment, please.” 

In the end, Diana and her mother-in-law decided to walk out of the boutique.

Diana Zubiri goes back to the store 

While going through the details of her experience, Diana can be seen glammed up and prepared for yet another visit to the store with her mother-in-law. 

Diana Zubiri
Diana Zubiri
IMAGE: dianazubirismith on Instagram

They decided to go back prepared to know whether they will be given the same treatment or if the store will offer a more inviting accommodation. 

Diana says, “Tingnan natin yung magiging…pangit man pakinggan, pangit man isipin na aasikasuhin talaga kami. E, malamang aasikasuhin kami, guys.” 

In the end of the video, Diana says that they were offered a more friendly accommodation the second time around.

She says, “Naging maganda ang pakikitungo, very accommodating sa amin, nagtatanong ng presyo tumitingin-tingin [kami].

Nakabawi ang Louis Vuitton. Hindi kagaya nung una. Hindi ko lang sure kung dahil ba nakaayos na rin kami.” 

Regardless, Diana believes that how one dresses plays a little role on how they treat customers, but she wishes, “Sana hindi maging gano’n ang judgment ng lahat ng store.” 

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