How Enzo Pineda Uses Platform As Celebrity To Meaningful Causes

Enzo Pineda: “May ibang mga artista, more of like, minsan nagpapa-sexy. Ako, I just want to use this platform to help out other people…”

Kapamilya star Enzo Pineda maximizes celebrity privileges to give back to the public. 

The “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Iron Heart” kontrabida has actually been active in implementing projects for the benefit of the community. 

He is currently a member of the Junior Chamber International Manila as chairperson for schools of peace and dental mission project.

He has also joined other charitable organizations such as World Wildlife Fund and World Vision. 

Enzo understands that having fame is having a weapon to spread influence. To him, taking jabs for a good cause was his calling.

The actor said, “Of course, being an artist is a double-edged sword. So, it’s really up to you… How you want to use it.”

PHOTO: its_enzopineda on Instagram

Enzo prefers his platform be a promotion of humanitarian work rather than showing off his body.

He continued, “Di ba, may ibang mga artista, more of like, minsan, nagpapa-sexy… Ako, I just want to use this platform to help out other people…”

FreebieMNL and other reporters spoke to Enzo during the media conference for STCA mediacon on April 2, 2024.

Enzo as part of STCA

In the coming of the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Awarding Ceremony (STCA), the actor is participating as a searcher for potential awardees.

Enzo holds it dear to his heart giving credit to philanthropists who had been in the service for 25 years or more.

Sincerely, Enzo opened, “So, ito po, malapit sa akin because we are giving recognition to our unsung heroes who’ve been in service for the past 25 years.”

He also wished more people would maintain faith in humanity by serving the public. 

Enzo added, “I hope that with this award, we can inspire new ones and of course, for the ones that are existing, we can inspire them to keep on going.”

The STCA honors the Nobel Peace prize winner, St. Teresa of Calcutta, in 1979 due to her saintly deeds, and awards nominees of the same standard. 

It is set to commence on October 4, 2024 under the works of JCI Manila and AY Foundation.

What Enzo has contributed to the community

JCI Manila President Matthew “Calel” Gosingtian commended Enzo’s constant participation in the organization’s community projects. 

Just last March, Enzo carried out his “Share A Smile” dental mission. 


One of his proudest projects was the implementation of a mobile learning center in Navotas. 

This was his first-ever project during the pandemic that was made possible with the help of his current organization.

He recalled, “Siyempre, noong pandemic po, of course, it’s a time of crisis. There’s this big part of me that I want to help out in the community in the best way I can.

“Actually, my baby JCI project, since wala pong eskwela nung time na yon. So, my baby JCI project was to build a mobile learning center in Navotas.

Ano po siya, e-trike na may mga wifi [and] educational materials that the teacher can drive and use to go around sa mga areas na hindi napupuntahan. Para yung mga bata, tuloy-tuloy po yung education.”

Enzo claimed education and health are the advocacy he treasure the most.

He emphasized, “Para po sa akin, you need to find the advocacy that is close to your heart and for me, that is more of education and health. So, yung mga projects ko po usually revolve around that area.”

The actor revealed he joined non-profit organizations even before the pandemic hit. 

He promptly became a member of World Vision in 2018. Then, he joined the World Wildlife Fund in 2019. 

To his account, “Before pandemic pa lang po, with other non-profit organizations that I’m part of, for World Vision, I started as a child sponsor. So, I’ve been sponsoring mga three children na po ngayon.

Becoming an ambassador followed after Enzo’s good work was recognized.

He added, “Then, nalaman ng World Vision na, ‘Ay, si Enzo pala is sponsoring a child. Why don’t we make him ambassador?’ So, nauna po yung mga tulong ko bago po ako naging ambassador for the non-profit organizations that I’ve been part of.”

Of course, when a personality gives service to people, there are thoughts that he or she is planning to join politics.

But for now, Enzo is not very interested in sitting in a higher office. His main focus is to lend a hand as much as he can.

He answered, on aiming for any position, “Right now po, wala po. I just like to help.”

Will Enzo still prioritize acting?

While Enzo is not closing doors for politics, he doesn’t consider it as a priority. Now, he is busy pursuing culinary school. 

Enzo explained, “Given the chance, of course, it’s a big responsibility that I have to think about kasi magbabago siyempre ang mundo ko when I take that route.

“And it will be also, probably, difficult for me to juggle with show business. So, hopefully, given the chance someday, di ba? But right now, hindi ko pa alam.”

His utmost priority is to take on more in-depth acting roles for a change. 

According to Enzo, “Nagawa ko na kasi before yung mga independent films, more of like the sexy side, so probably, I want to take on projects that, can’t say naman walang meaning yung projects ko before, but more of that, have more value.”

The actor enjoys finding a little escape through acting roles that help him unleash his pent-up emotions, such as his roles in “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “The Iron Heart.” 

In his words, “I like portraying characters that are gray or that have a dark side. For me, it’s kind of like therapy.

Kasi, of course, in a normal world, kailangan you have to be prim and proper, ganyan. At least, itong acting, it’s kinda like therapy for me. So, nili-let out mo yung mga ibang angst.

Enzo is set to appear on the big screen with “G! LU,” which he co-stars with David Licauco, Derrick Monasterio, Teejay Marquez, Kiko Estrada, and Ruru Madrid. 

The movie shot in 2018 is finally showing after six years since they finished filming. The movie is directed by Philip King and is showing on April 24, 2024.

G LU Poster
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