Francine Diaz Says Yes To Seth Fedelin’s Proposal For Star Magical Prom 2024

Francine: “Parang alam na nila yung sagot ko. It’s a yes!”

Valentine’s Day came sweet and early for Seth Fedelin after he secured a date with his on-screen partner Francine Diaz for the ABS-CBN Star Magical Prom in March 2024. 

Seth’s “promposal” took place during their joint performance of hit song “Uhaw” at Barrio Fiesta 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

In a circulating video on the internet, Seth asked Francine in a straightforward manner with a red rose. Francine, for her part, looks surprised at the 21-year-old actor’s gimmick. 

Seth says, “Francine, sa totoo lang, kinakabahan ako. First time ko ‘tong ginawa. Gusto lang kitang alukin sa nalalapit na Star Magical Prom, bilang ka-date ko.” 

Seth then encourages the crowd to help him convince Francine, saying, “Guys, sabay-sabay tayo na sabihing, ‘Yes, yes, yes.’” 

After the audience has gathered traction, Seth says, “Wala ka nang laban [Francine], ang dami na namin.” 

As a response, Francine then says, “Parang alam naman na nila yung sagot ko. It’s a yes!” 

@_.franseth GRABE SOBRANG KILIG! SAY YES CHIN!?? #franseth #francinediaz #sethfedelin ? original sound – FranSeth

Almost a month before the “promposal”, Francine has opened up about the long-standing allegations of her involvement in Seth and Andrea Brillantes’s romantic fallout. 

In a Facebook live stream on December 23, 2023, Francine says that she holds no bearing over the ex-couple’s separation.

Francine says, “Wala akong inahas, wala akong nilandi, wala akong inagaw. Malinaw? Screen record niyo, pwede n’yong balikan. Playback niyo, kasi wala talaga akong inagaw.” 

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Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz’s first prom together

Seth and Francine first graced the silver carpet together during the debut launch of Star Magical Prom in March 2023. 

At that time, Seth ran the extra mile of pulling off a romantic dinner date to ask Francine to the promenade.  According to Seth, he had put so much effort and thought into it since, “Siya [Francine], siya talaga ang [ang gusto ko maka-date].” 

During the prom proper, FranSeth—as the fans call them—have imbibed the Regency period “Bridgerton” style with their complementary white and yellow numbers. 

Seth wore a classic white, laced-collared tuxedo while Francine stunned in her feathered yellow ball gown detailed with floral patterns. 

Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz
Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz
IMAGE: imsethfedelin

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