Heart Evangelista Considers Friendship Breakup More Painful Than Romantic Breakup

Heart Evangelista on being betrayed by friends: “I’m still in the process of it all”

Friendship over! For Heart Evangelista, ending a friendship is more painful than ending a relationship with a lover.

In the recent episode of “Adulting with Heart and Chiz” on her YouTube channel, the GMA-7 actress admitted that she has been dealing with the “betrayal” of certain people in her life although she did not cite any specific names.

“Why do you think friendship breakups hurt more than romantic breakups?” This is what Heart asked her husband, Senator Chiz Escudero.

“I feel like friendship breakups hurt more. Masasaktan ako sa mga ganon. Kahit sa past ko, I’ve always been very clingy to my friends because I don’t really have a lot of friends. I’ve always been an outsider in school. I’ve always been misunderstood, I guess,” admits Heart.

“So, whenever I had just, like, key people, I literally would tell them that I couldn’t live without them,” says Heart, although the fashion icon realized that this was a mistake since she should not have told them about this.

Heart considers broken friendships to be more painful than romantic heartbreaks because she confides to her friends like family.

“For me, it’s painful because, for me, I never treat my friends as friends. I treat them as family. When you treat them as family, they know the good and the bad, because you’re confident that they saw your heart first.

“I can’t rant about my husband about him, right? I rant to my friends about my husband. For me, it’s painful. It’s like I wrote all my thoughts in a diary and they stole it. For me, friendships are hard.”

Heart on finding true friends

Heart also shares her thoughts on the saying that goes: “Difficult times reveal true friends.”

“No. I feel like it’s the opposite,” Heart explained. “I used to think when you’re down, people who are with you are the ones who truly love you.

“It’s actually the opposite. When you’re up and when you’re doing very well, it’s lonely to be, ano, where you are.

“Because you’re busy, you’re lonely, so you always want to be with people.

“But then, they don’t really focus on you…which is normal for a person, ha?

“I don’t take it against them, or I don’t take it against it anyone that would want more in life.

“But I feel like it’s the opposite. It’s not when you’re down when you know who your real friends are.

“It’s when you’re up there when you know who your real friends are, for me, I feel.”

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Sen. Chiz Gives Advice To Heart About Happiness

Heart admits there are times when she felt lonely despite her success.

Chiz tells Heart that a person might be in the spotlight but still feel lonely.

He advised his wife by saying, “Circumstances should not dictate how you feel. You should always have joy and peace regardless of the circumstances.

“You may be the audience, you may be the one on stage, you may be on the spotlight, you may not be on the spotlight.

“But at the end of the day, it’s now how you view your circumstances and your location and what you’re doing which will dictate whether or not you will be happy.”

Heart opens up about her insecurities

Heart admits that she lacks the confidence exuded by her husband.

She adds, “I feel like I’m a lemon. Like a factory reject.

“Honestly, I feel like I really do. I really feel like there’s something wrong with me or maybe I thought I was made for something but maybe I’m not.”

Chiz sweetly comforted Heart by saying, “Nobody’s perfect, babe. Ano bang opposite ng lemon? Apple?”

Heart quips, “I don’t know. Overrun? Charot!”

Chiz points out, “No, what I’m trying to say, when they say there’s a defect, that’s called lemon.

“But at the end of the day, nobody’s perfect. Everybody’s a lemon.”

Heart shares that being in the spotlight can be too tiring sometimes. “But I guess, when you’re really in a stage where everybody’s watching…

“I’m not pertaining to anyone, I guess in general. Maybe that’s why people like to keep their circle small because, you know, you rant about your situation when you’re tired.

“People around you get competitive. You start to drown. You reveal, like, your fears and your insecurities.

“But how do I put it into words?”

Chiz reminds Heart that she needs to acknowledge where she gets her strength from.

“Remember, I keep on telling you. You define who you are.

“What you do or don’t do should not be dictated by your perceived competitor or opponent, whether in politics or in business or in showbiz.

“So, you just keep on doing what you do best regardless of what’s out there. Again, not being dictated by circumstances around you.”

Heart counters this by saying, “Actually, I wasn’t really dictated… I really enjoyed what I was doing.”

Chiz says with a smile, “I know.”

Heart recalls, “And you never really looked left, right, back, not even front. I was just really living in the moment.”

The politician points out, “Sometimes you did.”

Heart defends herself by saying, “Sometimes I did because, you know, you know what I mean? The chikaness?

“Well, it’s still my fault because, no matter what it was, napatingin pa rin ako.”

It’s unclear what “chikaness” they were referring to but the couple both understood what it meant.

Chiz recalls, “And you were affected by it.”

Heart agrees and she insists that Chiz accompany her when she goes to Paris for fashion events.

The socialite exclaims, “I know! Kaya nga pag andun ka… Ha!”

Chiz then makes a a request, “Pwede ba virtually? May Zoom-Zoom naman.”

Heart responds by saying, “If you like, for sure, secure? Dapat kasi naglagay ako ng camera para nala-livestream mo ako para, for sure, protection.”

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On outgrowing people

When asked about “outgrowing people” in her life, Heart reveals how she deals with the absence of people who used to be part of her life.

Heart admits, “Maybe I’m naive, gullible, or stupid. Yeah, actually, [stupid is a] stronger word.

“I never believed in outgrowing people. I always wanted to be with the same people that’s why I always take a lot of pictures.

“Because I feel like it’s alright now to print these pictures and frame them because they’ll forever be there.”

However, she does acknowledge that nothing lasts forever.

Heart says, “I’ve always believed that everybody can be together forever. But it is what is.

“So, if you really love people… because I think you’re the type… You’re very realistic that you think they can come, they can go, that’s life. They say I love you, whatever…

“But for me, communication is important.”

She believes that friendships, just like marriages, need to be nurtured in order to stay strong.

“It’s the same with marriage. Sometimes you outgrow each other, sometimes you want other things.

“But what will keep you together, you have to be open and talk to each other.

“It’s the same with friendship. If you’re the type who would want them to stay, you all should have like an open relationship and completely talk about each other, the good and the bad.

“I’m not for separate lives.”

Heart says she prefers to hold on to the “good memories” she had with the person in the past.

Dealing with Betrayal

When the topic of betrayal is brought up, Chiz says the best thing to do is to distance oneself from the friend who betrayed her.

Heart quips, “Naku! Naghuhubad nga ako sa harapan nila, deadma ako, e!”

The international style icon turns serious as she admits, “Yeah, gets. I don’t even know. I don’t even have an answer to that.

“I’m still in the process of it all. I’m just, you know, I’m living as we speak.”

Heart then reminds her husband to always be by her side: “So, hindi mo ako pwede iwanan. Sinabi ko sa ‘yo, kailangan palagi ka andun!”

Heart cries as she asks for forgiveness

At this point, Heart becomes emotional and cries while saying: “I always ask for forgiveness for the things that I didn’t understand and I reacted so abruptly towards.

“And I’m just very grateful for my life. I’m grateful for the good and the bad. Even if I feel sad still about certain things…”

She takes the time to pause and regain her composure as she continues: “I take the… kumbaga, dinidibdib ko.

Kahit yung mga… kumbaga, kung may naging kasalanan ako, sige, kasalanan ko na lahat, okay.”

Heart realizes that when it comes to dealing with controversies in her life, she needs to rely on the people who truly know her and love her.

She also recalls the time when she and her husband experienced marital problems and how they managed to get back together.

“When Chiz and I spoke after a long time, he said that I didn’t need to say anything because he knew my heart.

“And for me, that is the most important. No matter what you do in life, whatever the mistakes that, kind of, carried you away, you always go back to your family because they know your heart.”

Heart concludes by saying that she is content now because of her family and her husband, “Despite and in spite of everything, the story probably won’t ever be complete for everybody, but I have my family. I have Chiz.”

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