James Reid Shares How They Cast Cameos For Music Video “Jacuzzi”

James was looking someone who would fit the “lux” vibe

James Reid has reached a new musical milestone with the release of his music video “Jacuzzi” with South Korean artist B.I. 

The music video of “Jacuzzi” is a visual spectacle in itself; it fuses lively music, sensual visuals, and element of excitement to render an enticing appeal to worldwide audiences.  

Pegged to a sophisticated aesthetic, the music video features all-things posh and alta. From an ecstatic crowd of partying elites, a scenic golf course, and a luxurious room embellished with shiny stuff, “Jacuzzi” is a track that successfully renders opulence. 

The Hiromi Uematsu-helmed music video is born from the efforts of Careless Music Entertainment, Lit Lab Studios, and Cross Ratio Entertainment. 

Launched on November 6, 2023, the feel-good music video also features star-studded cameos of local celebrities, including Michelle Dee, Maris Racal, and AC Bonifacio. 

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James Reid
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How did James cast her leading ladies for “Jacuzzi” music video

In an exclusive Zoom interview with FreebieMNL, James gave a walkthrough on how he and the creative team came up with a lineup that highly matches the “lux” and “fashion vibes” that they were actually pushing for. 

As for James, Michelle’s beauty “perfectly fit the high-fashioned look,” and casting her came easily as she is actually a “good friend of Issa.” Issa is Issa Pressman, James’ girlfriend.

He further shares that Issa asked Michelle to come over and do just a “small cameo because she’s been busy too.” At the time of the shoot, she was busy preparing for Miss Universe.

AC, on the other hand, was selected mainly because of her dancing skills. And Maris, for her part, was heavily praised by James for executing her cameo greatly albeit her lack of experience playing golf. 

All in all, James relied his taste on someone who would fit the vibe—someone who “feels very lux” and “a little bit quirky.”

James further adds that working with these women was fun. Compressed in a two-day shoot, the team were able to produce a whole “fashion-forward” music video under Lit Lab Studios.

“Jacuzzi” can now be streamed across all streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. 

Watch “Jacuzzi” here: 

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Words Rod Hagen
Interview Jimpy Anarcon
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