Why Did KC Concepcion Unfollow Stepdad Kiko Pangilinan, Half-Sister Frankie On Instagram?

KC: “Mas gusto kong piliin yung peace of mind ko”

Actress KC Concepcion admits to have unfollowed her stepfather former Senator Kiko Pangilinan and half-sister Frankie Pangilinan for “peace of mind.”

The 38-year-old celebrity graced an interview with One PH’s “Cristy FerMinute” on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, to promote her upcoming film “Asian Persuasion.” 

KC Concepcion
KC Concepcion
MAGE: kristinaconcepcion on Instagram

During the interview with hosts Cristy Fermin and Romel Chika, KC was asked about the weeks-old issue of her social media disconnection from Kiko and Frankie. 

As for her, following or unfollowing anyone is just natural. However, doing so may prove to be difficult under the grating eyes of the public. 

KC adds: “Hindi naman po masama na magkaroon ng time na meron kayong ina-unfollow, or meron kayong ipa-follow. Mahirap lang po talaga kapag showbiz po yung family, talagang lahat po pinupuna po.

For her part, unfollowing Kiko and Frankie may have been the best resolve to move forward with the blended family’s “complicated” setup. She says it would be an ideal way to keep her “peace of mind” intact. 

“So, wala naman po akong gustong ikwento pa apart from the fact na, ako, I just want peace of mind. I want to be happy. I want my family to be happy. I want my family to be happy.

Ang gusto ko lang maging light, masaya, ayoko ng maraming drama, ayoko ng maraming hindi… yung forgiveness kasi sa family, important din yun siguro para maging okay yung takbo ng relationship ng lahat,” she shares. 

KC is Sharon Cuneta’s daughter with actor Gabby Concepcion, while Frankie is Sharon’s eldest daughter with now-husband Senator Kiko Pangilinan. 

Is Sharon Cuneta hinting at her maternal relationship with KC Concepcion? 

Amid the controversy comes a calming message from the “Megastar” who publishes a fond post “for one of my four children.” 

On Wednesday, August 30, Sharon took to Instagram a short passage from Jodi Lynn Anderson’s 2012 book, “Tiger Lily.” 

It reads: “Every kind of love, it seems, is the only one. It doesn’t happen twice. And I never expected that you could have a broken heart and love with it too, so much that it doesn’t seem broken at all. 

“I know young people look at me and think my youth seems so far away, but it’s all around me, and you’re all around me.” 

Screenshot 2023 09 01 100452
IMAGE: reallysharoncuneta on Instagram

The lifted lines come with a caption: “From Peter Pan…For one of my four children,” which many believed to be KC. 

Subsequently, Sharon posts yet another Peter Pan reference—a more poetic passage of what might be another post for her firstborn. 


Prior to this, Sharon has taken to Instagram her outpour of love for daughter Frankie, who just went back to the United States to study. 


In the lengthy post, Sharon emphasizes how good of a daughter Frankie is. “No headaches, no horror stories, no disrespect, no bad or sad anything,” as she puts it. 

She adds that having Kakie might have been her blessing for doing “something right in my lifetime.” 

And in longing, Sharon ends her post with “I cannot live without you. I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being a good daughter. Thank you for loving me. I miss you terribly, already. Goodnight, my baby.” 

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