Kim Cattrall To Have A Cameo In SATC Sequel “And Just Like That”

Yes, Samantha Jones is making an appearance in 2023!

“Sex And The City” (SATC) was a smash hit in its heyday from 1998 to 2004, and the modern-day sequel “And Just Like That” has brought in a whole new wave of fans as well.

The SATC sequel is finally seeing the return of a beloved, very much-missed character: the liberated, wild Samantha Jones!

Kim Cattrall reprises the role nearly 20 years after the original, something many fans feared impossible. Over the past few years, there has been widespread media coverage of the alleged feud between Kim and her co-star, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays SATC/AJLT’s Carrie Bradshaw.

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When the SATC sequel was first announced, it was made quite clear that Samantha Jones would not be involved. At the time, Kim was clear that even when the third SATC film was being floated prior, she’d already chosen a step back.

Her answer when asked about being part of it was years ago was “simply, ‘no thank you I’m good’,” the Daily Mail says she explained in a Piers Morgan interview.

Just A Cameo Stint

Fans should contain their excitement, however. So far, this Samantha Jones resurgence is a cameo appearance by Kim and nothing more.

It will be part of the season 2 finale, wherein Samantha and Carrie-who were shown during the first season to be estranged via a text message exchange-supposedly make arrangements to patch things up somehow.

Various sources told Variety that Kim filmed her lines back in March by herself, without speaking to or seeing any of the cast members. Interaction with showrunner Michael King also allegedly did not happen that day.

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