“Kraven the Hunter” Trailer Drops Earlier Than Expected Due To Leaks

Why does Kraven get super powers in the film?

Sony Pictures has unveiled the first trailer of the Spider-Man spin-off, “Kraven the Hunter.”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the role of Kraven, a Russian nobleman turned hunter driven by his obsession to track down formidable prey. In the comics, Spider-Man is Kraven’s ultimate target.

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“Kraven the Hunter” delves into the story of Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven. He will embark on a transformative journey to establish himself as the world’s most renowned hunter. While specific plot details remain under wraps, it is unlikely that Spider-Man will appear in this installment due to the character’s unconfirmed presence in Sony’s extended universe.

The Red-Band trailer, which was uploaded on June 20, showcases the action-packed style reminiscent of Sony’s previous Marvel-based films, such as “Venom” and “Morbius.”

Yet, Kraven the Hunter appears to have an edgier tone than its predecessors. In the trailer, Aaron’s character hunts down majestic creatures in the savannah. There, he has a thrilling encounter with a lion, which gives him metahuman powers.

But the real game-changer arrives in the form of the villain, Rhino, portrayed more faithfully compared to his previous comical depiction by Paul Giamatti in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

The Spider-Man spin-off will be directed by J.C. Chandor. Fans know him for his work on Netflix’s “Triple Frontier” and notable films like “All is Lost” and “A Most Violent Year.” Joining Aaron in the cast are Ariana DeBose as Voodoo Priestess Calypso, Fred Hechinger as Kraven’s half-brother Dmitri Smerdyakov (aka Chameleon), and Christopher Abbott. Rumors suggest Christopher will play the film’s main antagonist, The Foreigner.

Multiple insiders said the trailer wasn’t supposed to be out until next week. But an unexpected leak forced Sony to release the trailer immediately.

“Kraven The Hunter” will be out in theaters on October 6, 2023.

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