Kris Aquino Laments Inability To Comfort Son Bimby Who Has Pneumonia

“I felt my heart crumble,” Kris says about the situation

Actress-host Kris Aquino takes to Instagram her anguish over her inability to be with son, Bimby Aquino Yap, who is currently diagnosed with pneumonia for the third time. 

Kris Aquino on Bimby
IMAGE: @krisaquino on Instagram

In a lengthy Instagram post published on Monday, July 17, the television figure goes into detail on how she came to know about Bimby’s current condition, while also lamenting not being able to comfort him.  

According to Kris, Bimby’s pneumonia started as a “bad cough and sore throat.” It was only through her friend, Dr. Henry, that she confirmed Bimby’s condition after the doctor came by to check on her son. 

“I felt my heart crumble because Bimb from Dr. Henry’s assessment had a pneumonia. 3rd time na for Bimb- his 2nd bout w/ pneumonia happened during the initial pandemic when we were in Puerto Galera March 2020,” Kris writes. 

Kris Aquino on Bimby
IMAGE: @krisaquino on Instagram

She continues: “My bunso has had asthma since he was 9. But as a baby all the way until he was in grade 1, Bimb suffered from skin asthma and from childhood til now he has many of my environmental allergies.” 

Kris takes the situation as “the worst feeling in the world” after being barred by her doctor from visiting her son due to chemotherapy medication that she currently takes for her autoimmune diseases. 

A mother’s torment was made less daunting by her older son, Josh Aquino, who according to Kris, “refused to leave the connecting room where Bimb had to stay.”

“He was Bimb’s constant companion and even though my nurses kept telling Kuya to stop hugging Bimb, tuloy pa rin siya. Thank God matibay Kuya’s resistance, hindi siya nahawa ng kahit ubo or sipon,” Kris adds. 

According to the post, Bimby has already finished his medication and is faring well towards full recovery. 

Kris Aquino gives brief health update 

Kris has also made time to write briefly about her current condition in her fight against five autoimmune diseases and a possibility of developing another one. 

Kris Aquino getting herself checked by a medical professional.
IMAGE: @krisaquino on Instagram

“1 thing is very clear to me- buhay ako ngayon dahil hindi kayo nagsasawang isama ako sa prayers ninyo even though most of you have never even met me in person. And that’s why I owe you only the TRUTH,” Kris writes. 

Her condition, according to the latest update, has gotten “progressively worse.” Her physical health is heavily compromised by Churg Strauss connective tissue disease, Crest syndrome, and the budding rheumatoid and systemic lupus erythematosus—which all account for some paint points in her knees, back, leg, and toenails. 

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