Kris Aquino Puts Off Confinement Over COVID Outbreak In California

Kris Aquino’s urgent medical need was hindered by a COVID-19 outbreak

Kris Aquino has postponed her scheduled hospital confinement due to health risks brought about by a coronavirus outbreak in California, USA. 

The actress-host’s current health status requires immediate hospital attention—wherein she will undergo confinement while receiving a new medication against her persistent autoimmune diseases. 

Kris started seeking medical help in the United States in 2022 after life-threatening cases of autoimmune diseases started to manifest in her body. 

Two years later, there was very little progress in her recovery, and worse, she acquired a new set of symptoms of yet another unclassified autoimmune disease.  

Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino
IMAGE: krisaquino on Instagram

From there, Kris and her doctors decided to put her under more thorough care. However, according to Kris’s ex-beau, Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste, the television personality “postponed her confinement at UCLA hospital” due to a COVID outbreak. 

Mark adds, “While I was there, nagkaroon ng COVID alert sa mga medical facilities. That’s why I decided to go home first kasi waiting time. But any time that she needs me to be in Los Angeles, of course, I’ll give it my utmost priority.”

Mark also discloses that Kris is being taken care of by her sisters Ballsy, Pinky, and Viel. Other close friends also make an effort to look over Kris. 

The Vice Governor says, “That way, we are assured that Madam is in good company, other than the good company of Bimb kasi si Kuya Josh nandito sa Pilipinas, e.” 

Bimby is Kris’s son with basketball player James Yap, while Josh is his son with actor Philip Salvador. 

Kris Aquino and her fight against autoimmune diseases 

Aside from the updates she posted on Instagram, Kris has graced a Zoom interview for “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” in which she disclosed her current health condition. 

Speaking with Boy Abunda on her 53rd birthday on February 14, 2024, Kris says that her heart is at risk of failing any time. 

Such danger can be attributed to Kris’s swollen cardiac muscles brought about by her Chrug-Strauss disease, CREST syndrome, and a still-unclassified case of lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. 

“I could have a stroke at any time,” she says in consideration of her heightened heart rate and swelling that already penetrated the middle layer of her heart. 

She adds, ” “As in, pwedeng in my sleep or kung ano man ang ginagawa ko, pwedeng tumigil na lang yung pagtibok ng puso.” 

Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino
IMAGE: krisaquino on Instagram

To reduce the risk, Kris will have to undergo confinement wherein she will be given baby dosages of a new medication. However, it also poses a “very big risk” for it can only be administered with steroids—a medicine that Kris is highly allergic to. 

Should the trial render successful, Kris will then be given another shot until a time she finally completes a total of four dosages. 

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