Kris Aquino Gets Real With Her Fight Against Autoimmune Diseases

Kris: “Pwedeng in my sleep or kung ano man ang ginagawa ko, pwedeng tumigil na lang yung pagtibok ng puso” 

“Queen of all Media” Kris Aquino likens her ongoing fight against several cases of autoimmune diseases to a war-bound soldier equipped with nothing but a butter knife.

This and more, as she reveals her health struggles, during an exclusive interview in “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 via Zoom.

Kris, who is celebrating her 53rd birthday this Valentine’s Day, has talked at length about the current status of her health, with regards to her recovery, risks, and possible trajectory of her treatment. 

Kris has been living in the United States since 2022 after being diagnosed with several counts of autoimmune diseases, including Churg-Strauss disease, CREST syndrome, and a still-unclassified case of lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. 

Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino
Screengrab from GMA Network on YouTube

Papasok ka sa giyera, ang mga kalaban mo lahat naka-armalite, lahat sila may mga assault rifle, ikaw binigyan ka ng butter knife o binigyan ka ng isang tinidor,” Kris ponders as she gears up to try a new treatment in the coming weeks to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest. 

When asked about the current condition of her heart and how it’s impacted by her autoimmune diseases, she reveals, “Ang nangyari kasi is, yung ano ko, our heart, di ba, is surrounded by muscles para maprotektahan yung puso.

“Yung muscles na yun, that are surrounding my heart, magang-maga,” Kris further elaborates, saying that the swelling has already reached the middle layer of her heart. 

Kris also says that this has been causing her too much exhaustion, that even a simple walk to the bathroom is tiring her out. 

As for her cardiac monitoring, Kris recalls a particular time when her heart rate reached 120, and even worse, at 146 when she went for far too long in the bathroom to enjoy her bathtub.

“I could have a stroke at any time,” Kris bares to Boy Abunda when asked about the gravity of her situation. 

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The next six months for Kris Aquino 

With the grave threat that her autoimmune diseases posed to her heart, Kris will then be introduced to a new biological medicine, which will be her only chance to save her heart. 

Should this fail, Kris reveals that she “stands a very strong chance of having a cardiac arrest.” 

Kris elaborates, “As in, pwedeng in my sleep or kung ano man ang ginagawa ko, pwedeng tumigil na lang yung pagtibok ng puso.” 

While a new treatment may mean progress, Kris says that it still poses a “very big risk” on her end, given that the medication is only given together with steroids—a medicine that gives Kris a drastic allergic reaction.

Kris is set to undergo an experimental stage wherein she will be given baby dosages, just to try and test her body reaction. Should it render a positive outcome, she will be given a second shot until she completed a total of four dosages. 

Kris Aquino vows to put a fight for sons Josh and Bimby 

During the latter part of the interview, Kris has grown a bit emotional over the fact that her life is “pahiram na lang ‘to ng Diyos.” Thus, she always thinks that her days, numbered as they are, are blessings in themselves. 

Kris Aquino and sons
Kris Aquino, James Bimby Yap, Josh Aquino
IMAGE: krisaquino on Instagram

With that, Kris says, “I really want to stay alive. I mean, sino ba naman ang sasabihin na, ‘Handa na akong mamatay?’ I don’t think any of us can say that.” 

“Bimb is only sixteen. I made a promise to him na, until he becomes an adult, I will really do everything. Lahat gagawin ko. Kasi hindi naman sikreto sa mga tao, ang kuya niya falls under the autism spectrum.

“Ako mismo, ako lang ang nagpalaki dun sa dalawa. Kailangan pa nila ako.” 

On the flip side of things, Kris has extended her gratitude to everyone who has prayed for her. In doing so, she also thanked her close friend Boy, who she reveals, has pledged to fly immediately should anything bad happen to Kris. 

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