Sabay Sabay Challenge

Marian Rivera Collabs With Lucky Fan For “Sabay Sabay Challenge”

Marian funnily confessed to “stalking” her “Sabay Sabay Challenge” winner to learn more about him

Marian Rivera has made yet another fan’s dream come true thanks to her “Sabay Sabay” dance challenge.

Ceejay Laqui was the lucky TikToker who got to join Marian in a dance collaboration, according to a “24 Oras” report which aired on September 14, 2023.

@marianrivera Finally found the perfect caption for this video, and it’s the chosen one. ?? @ceejaaqui #MarianRivera #SabaySabayTayo #SabaySabayTayoDanceChallenge #FYP ? Marian Rivera Mashup Dance – Marian Rivera

The Kapuso Primetime Queen said she saw some qualities in Ceejay that stood out among the participants.

Ini-stalk ko ‘yung feed niya, nakita ko kung gaano niya ka-love talaga ang pagsasayaw. At saka ano siya, wala akong tulak kabigin, e. Parang ang bait ng personality niya na parang sabi ko, ‘Ah, deserve niya ‘to,'” she said.

Marian also said that her glam team and her husband, Dingdong Dantes, helped select the winner.

Meanwhile, Ceejay shared his reaction about winning the challenge.

“Actually, noong nalaman ko po siya, nasa bahay po ako, ‘tapos po nakita ko po ‘yung chat ni Ate Marian.

Sobrang saya po kasi na-appreciate po ni Ate Marian po ‘yung passion ko po sa pagsasayaw.”

Before dancing together, Marian gave Ceejay the same hat she was wearing. Recall that the now-viral track was released in 2009, with Marian herself singing on it.

Marian and her TikToker era

Marian began her TikToker era with her take on the “Price Tag” dance trend, which would reach almost 200 million views, to her surprise.

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Marian recalled, “Actually, ayaw ko pa nga i-post ‘yung ‘Price Tag’ kasi sabi ko, parang naiilang akong i-post kasi parang nahihiya ako na mag-post uli ng ganon.

Sabi ni Mel, ‘yung stylist ko, ‘Akin na ‘yung phone mo, ipo-post ko ‘yan.’

“So, ‘yun na ‘yun, after the post na ‘yun, natulog na ko and then kinabukasan, ang dami kong message tsaka missed call parang sabi ko, ‘Anong nangyari?‘”

With millions of likes and followers, as well as several viral posts under her sleeves, the Kapuso star shared some words of encouragement for her fellow content creators.

Mag-trending man ‘yan o hindi mag-trending, ang importante [masasagot mo kung], ‘Ikaw, masaya ka ba habang ginagawa mo siya?’ At iyon ang mahalaga,” she said.

After the “Price Tag” challenge, Marian followed it up with her take on the “It’s Plenty” trend.

She also surprised her fans with her “Sabay Sabay Tayo” dance and flexed Dingdong using the “Salamat Lord” audio. Apart from herself and her husband, her kids Zia and Sixto were constant figures in her account.

Marian’s currently gearing up for her Marian’s television comeback where she will be portraying two roles, one of which is an alien character.

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