Michelle Madrigal

Michelle Madrigal Reflects On Recent Divorce

Michelle Madrigal shares her journey toward healing after divorce

Nearly a year after the ending of her marriage, former actress Michelle Madrigal goes to social media to share her healing journey after her divorce from ex-husband Troy Woolfolk.

Madrigal states her April 5, 2023 post by describing the initial emotions that one might feel after a divorce.

“You may feel liberated to reclaim your own identity and pursue your goals and passions without distractions or compromises,” she writes.

With this new independence, she says that a woman also rediscovers her own values and priorities that might have been neglected or suppressed during the marriage.

“In addition, getting back to your truth after a divorce can mean cultivating deeper self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-care,” she says.

But, according to her, the journey is going to be a learning process as one may take more time to reflect on their needs, desires, and boundaries, and in learning to communicate them more effectively with others.

However, she points out, “You may also develop greater resilience, gratitude, and optimism as you navigate this new chapter of your life.”

Michelle Madrigal on healing

One important aspect of the healing journey that she recognized is the fact that it won’t be easy or linear.

“It may involve some setbacks, doubts, or fears as you step out of your comfort zone and face new challenges,” she says.

Nonetheless, with the right support from friends, family, and therapy, Madrigal emphasizes that women “Can gradually rebuild your confidence, trust, and happiness on your own terms.”

But, how should a woman’s mindset be after a divorce?

For Madrigal, it is about staying true to yourself and your values, and not settling for less than you deserve.

“Ultimately, freedom after divorce is not about avoiding or rejecting relationships altogether, but rather about cultivating healthy, fulfilling, and authentic relationships that support your growth and well-being,” she said.

It was in August 2021 when Madrigal and Woolfolk announced their split through separate but similar statements on social media.

The two met in Texas, USA in 2016, during the actress’ time taking up culinary arts. They welcomed their only child Anika in October 2017 and got married in April 2019.

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