Moira Dela Torre Defends Self From Accusations Of Cheating, Employing A Ghost Writer

“I did not cheat on Jason,” Moira claims in bold letters

Singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre finally breaks her silence over the ongoing allegations hurled by a former colleague Lolito Go.

She addresses the issues of infidelity and ghostwriting one by one in a social media post uploaded on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. 

The 29-year-old musician begins the post, “I never imagined that I would find myself in a situation where I have to explain and defend my decision to leave a marriage, as well as justify the state of my mental health.” 

Moira Dela Torre issue
IMAGE: @moiradelatorre on Instagram

“It is truly disheartening that I am being questioned and asked to prove my worth as a songwriter and artist. However, despite the overwhelming circumstances, I feel a strong inner calling to stand up for myself and protect my integrity,” she continues. 

Moira then dispelled Lolito’s accusation that most of her songs were composed mainly by her now estranged husband Jason Hernandez. The singer also makes a clear claim that she has not, in any way, hired Lolito as a ghostwriter for her songs. 

“I want to set things straight once and for all. Let me be clear: I have never employed a ghostwriter,” she states. 

She further elaborates that she’s fortunate enough to collaborate with “immensely talented artists” who pay respects and acknowledgements, ultimately stating that every song she has created “is a true reflection of [my] deepest emotions and experiences.” 

Moira’s bid to “disprove the harmful accusations” against her has made her willing to share “evidence that supports this truth, including screenshots of conversations and recordings of [my] songs.”

Moira disputes cheating claims 

The second half of the statement sheds light on the cheating allegations that seemingly seeped within the relationship, as substantiated by Lolito.

“I did not cheat on Jason,” Moira claims in bold letters, followed by an italicized statement that reads: “It is unfair that I find myself in a position where I have to defend my name and even explain why I did not deserve to be cheated on.”

She wraps up her message with an intention to heal, as according to her, “the weight of trauma still lingers heavily in my heart. “ 

She adds that such is necessary not only for herself but for the well-being of her family, band, and friends, who have shown support “throughout these challenging times.” For her, their presence has been her anchor and grounding during these “turbulent times.” 

“I hold onto hope that, one day, when the dust settles and clarity is restored, I will have the capacity to embrace a love that is faithful and genuine.” 

“I take solace in the knowledge that I am Moira—an artist—who will bravely navigate these challenges and emerge stronger than ever,“ she finishes. 

Moira dela Torre issue
IMAGE: @moiradelatorre on Instagram

Jason and Moira’s late romance was dug up once more after the former released a music video containing their wedding clips.

Just days later, Lolito Go unleashed a series of tirades against Moira, claiming that she is a pathological liar, a cheater, and singer who had asked his service without giving rightful credits. 

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Moira’s close colleagues and friends, such as Cornerstone Entertainment Vice President Jeff Vadillo, composer Jonathan Manalo, drummer Luke Sigua, and Inigo Pascual came into Moira’s defense.

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