FreebieMNL - K-dramas that made Song Kang “the son of Netflix”

K-dramas that made Song Kang “the son of Netflix”

In the past two years alone, Song Kang has appeared in 4 Netflix K-dramas. His face is almost a fixture in Netflix’s ‘Home’ page – even if you’re not into the K-Drama genre – because his shows are always under ‘Trending’ or the ‘Top 10 in the Philippines Today’ section.  And because his recent projects all aired on Netflix, Korea has nicknamed him the “Son of Netflix”. 

Song Kang’s characters on Netflix really show the range of his acting skills. Let’s revisit Netflix shows to see exactly why he was named Korea’s “Son of Netflix”:

Love Alarm

In a world where there’s a mobile app that alerts people of romantic interests within their vicinity, Song Kang’s character has his love alarm ringing constantly. Love Alarm was Song Kang’s first drama that aired on Netflix. This was also his first main role! 

Sweet Home

Apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home follows Song Kang’s character as he becomes infected with the powers of a beast. From playing a handsome model in Love Alarm to a superpowered monster in Sweet Home, you can really see Song Kang’s acting prowess in his shows on Netflix.


In Navillera, Song Kang plays a gifted ballerina who’s becoming disillusioned with his gift until he meets a 70-year old man who’s aspiring to dance the Swan Lake. To play this role, Song Kang had to practice ballet for months!


Nevertheless is Song Kang’s new Netflix drama and it has viewers on the edge of their seats every week. Currently ongoing, the actor plays a a man who doesn’t believe in relationships yet likes to flirt around. Expect a more mature role from him because the show explores the theme of friends-with-benefits.

All of Song Kang’s characters on Netflix may be wildly different from each other but he never fails to deliver on each and every one of them. This and his frequent appearance on the streaming platform has earned him the nickname of Korea’s “Son of Netflix”.

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