Christina Aguilera Releases Her First Spanish-Language Single In Over Two Decades

Christina Aguilera’s long-awaited Spanish-language song is here!

Following the album “Mi Reflejo” released in 2000, Christina is back with a new Spanish-language project, a track entitled “Pa Mis Muchachas.” She calls the song–which has a title that translates to “For My Girls” in English–a “homage to women.”

“We wanted to make sure that this was definitely a representation of Latin women who are the strength of a family, the backbone,” she told Billboard.

“Pa Mis Muchachas” features vocals from Nathy Peluso, Becky G, and Nicki Nicole and will be included in Christina’s upcoming Spanish-language album.

“In the song, we mention that I’m a woman that is strong because I was raised by a woman that was strong and so was she before that. It’s something that gets passed down by generations. I chose Nathy, Becky, and Nicki because of the strength they exude.”

The “Genie In a Bottle” hitmaker’s new single is her first Spanish-language single in over twenty years. Although it took her quite a while to release a new Spanish-language song, she said that taking her time was worth it.

“It’s been a project that I wanted to follow up for so long but I’m so happy that it’s happening now as a grown woman,” she said, referring to “Mi Reflejo.”

“Having been a mother, having experienced the career I have, I bring a different view and set of passions. Now it’s coming from a deeper perspective and wanting to explore,” she added.

Check out the “Pa Mis Muchachas” music video below:

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