Ara Mina Reveals Being Guided By Charo Santos-Concio While Recording “Ay Ay Ay Pag-Ibig”

What flare did Charo suggested for the iconic OPM song?

Singer-actress Ara Mina shares that ABS-CBN executive Charo Santos-Concio played a pivotal role in the recording of her iconic song, “Ay Ay Ay Pag-ibig.” 

The 44-year-old actress graced a YouTube interview with Toni Gonzaga on March 30, 2024—wherein she talked about her early years in show business. 

Just halfway through the conversation, Toni brings up how she was surprised that Charo was actually very hands-on with the recording of Ara’s hit. 

Toni says, “Yun palang ‘Ay Ay Ay Pag-ibig,’ tinutukan ni Ma’am Charo,” to which Ara Mina responds with, “Oo.” 

Ara then recalls, “Hindi ko makalimutan kasi pumunta si Ma’am Charo [sa recording] na sabi niya, ‘Make it soft. Lagyan mo ng hangin.’” 

Ara Mina
Ara Mina
Screengrab from Toni Gonzaga Studio on YouTube

Ara then demonstrates how Charo guided her—going in for a bit of a sample of a relatively airy and calmer version of a supposedly bolder approach to the song. 

The singer recalls having to listen very carefully, taking into consideration Charo’s suggestion that she had to add a breathy “Hay” for more sensuality. 

Elated by the fact, Toni says, “Talaga? Si Ma’am Charo pala lahat yun!” 

Ara Mina reminisces about first sexy role 

In the earlier part of the interview, Toni routes the conversation down memory lane—wherein she asks Ara about her first mature role. 

Ara recalls, “I started, nagpa-sexy ako, 15.” Surprised at how young Ara was back then, Toni responds, “Minor yun e!” 

Ara then says, “Yes! I know, di ba? 15, feeling ko ready na ako pero hindi ko pala kaya. Kasi meron akong ginawang film nun, parang first day, last day sa sinehan.” 

Ara Mina
Ara Mina
IMAGE: therealaramina on Instagram

Excited to watch herself on the big screen, Ara recalls being reprimanded from entering the vicinity since she was only 15. The irony of it, though, was that Ara was restricted from watching her own film. 

When Ara turned 18, she recalls having her first breakthrough via the 1999 film “Maldita.” Upon the offer, Ara knew it was another shot to prove herself—and so she accepted right there and then. 

While she was able to establish herself as a promising name, Ara admits having to deal with challenges when it comes to doing sexy roles. One of these was when her stepfather, Romeo Reyes, got mad at her for taking on daring characters. 

Pressed by her parents’ discouragement, Ara remembers having to go against their will to say, “Hindi. Alam ko may mangyayari dito, e.” 

With all things considered, Ara has no regrets over her decision for she knows that everything happens for a reason. 

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