Rabiya Mateo readies for showbiz career, set to sign ‘with a TV network’

Rabiya Mateo readies for showbiz career, set to sign ‘with a TV network'
(Image from Instagram: @rabiyamateo)

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo is wrapping up her beauty queen journey and readying her acting chops for the next stage of her life.

During an interview with Miss Universe Indonesia 2020 Ayu Maulida, Mateo revealed that she’ll make the jump to show business once she’s crowned her successor in the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines 2021. 


She also mentioned the prospect of signing “with a TV network in the Philippines.” However, she did not disclose which network she’ll work with.

Nonetheless, the beauty queen admitted that she’s “excited” to see herself on-screen as an actress. She also acknowledged that the jump might be difficult, but she’s “up for” the tall task of honing her acting skills.

“It’s a different chapter. Me being a beauty queen is about to end, but we’re about to open a different one and this is Rabiya as an actress. I’m excited about it,” she added. “I know it’s not going to be easy. I need to do some workshops to improve my acting skills, but I am up for it.

“If I was able to do Miss Universe back, then I can do this also.”


Similar to what she said to the press after her stint at the 69th Miss Universe in Florida, Mateo told Maulida about her plans to take a break from the world of beauty contests. 

“A lot of people have been pushing me to join a different [pageant] but for now, I just want to rest my body and my mind because Miss Universe is no joke,” she said.

Nonetheless, Mateo remains open to the prospect of taking to the pageant stage once more. “I am not closing any door as of the moment because we’ll never know. Give it two to three years, I might have a different answer, so let’s just see.”


In another post-Miss Universe statement to the press back in May, Mateo also shared that, in place of foregoing beauty pageants altogether, she wants to coach future beauty queens who share the same dream of representing the country. “I still want to be able to somehow help pageant organizers in training our next international pageant candidates.”

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