Author: Viktor Austria

See how the House of Windsor’s most influential residents still manage to live in everyone’s heads rent-free Whether living or otherwise, members of the British Royal Family continue to captivate audiences far and wide. From the intimate details of their royal dealings to their protected profiles behind closed doors, perhaps none commanded attention and influence […]
Make this year your year With January already feeling like a whole calendar year has swept by in just a single month, this is your reminder that we’re just a little ways into the new year. As the Year of the Water Tiger rolls on, your luck can still shift based on your actions: careers […]
Bookmark this so you can become a dab hand in the kitchen for your partner They say the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. That saying rings twice as true on Valentine’s Day. However, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. As many starry-eyed couples will want to have a romantic […]
Good thing the Emma-verse took the photo mix-up in stride! We think it suffices to say that some crew members behind the much-anticipated Harry Potter reunion special, “Return to Hogwarts,” weren’t much a fan of the franchise itself.  ICYMI, when the Harry Potter’s 20th-anniversary reunion special premiered on HBO Max on New Year’s Day, an eagle-eyed social media […]
New year, new world record for Jungkook! We closed 2021 with several stories of BTS, whether as a unit or as individual idols, breaking world records left and right. Be it for their chart-topping songs or their social media antics, the South Korean superstars are history-makers through and through 2022 looks to be not much […]


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