The British Royal Family Conquers UPSTREAM With Two New Epic Documentaries

See how the House of Windsor’s most influential residents still manage to live in everyone’s heads rent-free

Whether living or otherwise, members of the British Royal Family continue to captivate audiences far and wide. From the intimate details of their royal dealings to their protected profiles behind closed doors, perhaps none commanded attention and influence in history quite like Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II. 

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Through two new eye-opening titles now on UPSTREAM, you can now get a glimpse of the British Royal Family’s once-secret stately affairs and how these two powerful women continue to shape the world.

“Diana: A Definitive Portrait of the Princess”

princess diana anniversary t
(Image: PA)

She was known as the “People’s Princess” and was celebrated as such–Princess Diana had been the subject of several scrutiny and speculation even decades after her untimely death in 1997. Much has been said about her life, and numerous key figures have sat in front of a camera to reveal parts of the Princess of Wales’ very personal history.

So, on what would have been her 60th birthday, there seems no other way to remember the life of Princess Diana than to let the story retell itself. No accounts, no anecdotes; just history as it transpired on paper.

Using dated news footage, media appearances, and archival press stories, Diana: A Definite Portrait of the Princess provides just that: a portrait of Princess Diana’s divisive life as seen through hordes of tabloid headlines and snaps of predatory paparazzi. 

Take a look at how the same media that propped up the “People’s Princess” fairy tale myth was also responsible for the pressures that Princess Diana endured, to the point that she begged to be left alone. They were her judge, jury, and eventually, her executioner, and 60 years later, there’s still much to be learned from the Princess of Wales’ woes.

“Elizabeth at 95: The Invincible Queen”

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(Image: True Royalty)

It’s no accident: the opulent and ever-omniscient British Royal Family, under the watchful eyes of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip has grown into one of the world’s most popular and successful brands. From ruling the citizens of Great Britain, they have won over people beyond their borders through carefully crafted influence—and even at 95 years old, Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t intend to change guards soon.

From Storm Theunissen, Elizabeth at 95: The Invincible Queen reveals exclusive new research detailing how the Queen, with the Duke of Edinburgh in tow, transformed the British Royal Family into a brand that’s now transcended icons from the worlds of media, entertainment, business, and politics. 

Not only has Queen Elizabeth II’s family outshined the likes of Oprah WinfreyBill Gatesthe ObamasKim Kardashian, and even Beyoncé, but it’s also surpassed global entities like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Microsoft to stand as the world’s fifth-biggest “corporate brand.”

In the documentary, historians, government ministers, business leaders, brand specialists, and royal insiders will provide their perspectives on how the UK’s longest-reigning monarch became one of the world’s biggest CEOs along the way, how the monarchy has generated revenues, and how the Queen has safeguarded her family’s stocks at all costs.

Binge-watch both epic documentaries by streaming them through UPSTREAM this weekend!

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