Content Creator Rendon Labador Faces Backlash After Calling Michael V “Laos”

“Mainstream is dead,” says Labador!

Content creator Rendon Labador has sent social media into an uproar after a seemingly uninvited “laos” comment he made towards one of the Philippines’ renowned comedians, Michael V– also known as Bitoy.

Rendon Labador
IMAGE: @rendonlabador on Instagram

Rendon, notoriously known for his self-involvement with famous figures, has squared the comedian’s Facebook post dating May 8, 2023. Michael V shares that “the first thing any “content creator” should understand is the meaning of the word: “CONTENT”. 

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While the lack of names indicate that Michael V’s post is aimed generally, Rendon has taken it personally and responds, “Masakit na katotohanan na laos na kayo. WE CONTROL THE MEDIA NOW.”

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A dissatisfied Rendon even posted the screen-captured exchange and a news article from on his social media, further captioning it with tirades against mainstream personalities. 

According to the internet figure, influencers have been running ahead of the mainstream in terms of intelligence and content, hence “influencers are the new celebrities.” He also adds that “mainstream is dead” and social media stands in the frontlines of content creation.

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Rendon Labador gains netizens’ ire 

A collective sentiment of annoyance flocks the post– with over 14,000 thousand reactions and 11,000 comments as of writing. The uncalled gesture was met with equally hostile appetite from netizens and various celebrities, all echoing the same thought. 

One netizen comments that Rendon is just a laughing stock, further emphasizing his inappropriate use of the pronoun “we” to assert his belongingness in the content creation industry. 

Critically acclaimed director Kip Oebanda shares a lengthy reason why Michael V remains relevant compared to Rendon, who “can’t even bring people to [his] restaurant opening”.

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Even fellow comedians have come to Michael V’s defense, with Kakai Bautista putting up an advice that says, “Wag masayadong mataas ang lipad kapatid. Sa industriyang ito, hindi na din nagma-matter ang KASIKATAN, and pinakaGoal ay kung sino ang MAGTATAGAL.”

Tuesday Vargas, Michael V’s co-star in the comedy gag show “Bubble Gang,” also opened up her sentiments, pointing out that content creation is not a contest between mainstream artists and influencers. She also emphasized that talent is more important more than the number of subscribers or fans.

Actor-model Joross Gamboa also rendered a feisty statement in sympathy for Michael V. It says,””Kuya Michael V. Daming tinamaan… yung isa nga sa muka eh. but seriously speaking… kapul talaga… deh eto totoo na umiiyak na siya. anyways… Quality > Quantity, Purpose & Responsibility.”

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IMAGE: @michaelbitoy on Instagram

Rendon Labador’s appetite for feud 

A few weeks before his latest scandal, the internet personality initially headlined the news for calling out actor Coco Martin over his flopped restaurant opening.

It was after Rendon spread on social media rumors that constant shootings in Quiapo for the series “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” has caused heavy inconveniences and losses for small business owners in the area. 

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He then took to Facebook his opinion as he begged for the actor to get out of Quiapo and find a studio so as not to affect those who are just trying to make a living. 

In another post, a disheartened Labador has publicized that his bar has yet to gain profits due to Martin’s seemingly personal grudge over him. While Labador has been berating Coco Martin constantly, the actor still offers well-wishes to his business. 

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