Derek Ramsay denies ‘recycling’ engagement ring; shares real story behind it

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna might be one of the most talked-about celebrity couples while we’re all in quarantine because of their ‘love lockdown’ story. 

While most of the public were happy about their newfound love for each other, some bashers kept spreading rumors about them but they weren’t fazed by the hate. Instead, Derek knew that Ellen was ‘the one’ for him and prepared for an intimate proposal.

Aside from the big surprise, netizens also talked about Ellen’s pear-shaped diamond ring and rumors began circulating that the eye-catching engagement ring was already worn by all of Derek’s ex-girlfriends and was passed down to Ellen.

In an interview with G3 San Diego on Instagram, Derek vehemently denied the claims and clarified that he had the ring especially made for the Cebuana beauty.

“My mom was going to give me a 7.8-karat diamond ring to give to Ellen. I was like, ‘Mom, I can’t take that from you,’” he said, noting that a 7 carat diamond is ‘too big’ for an engagement ring and so he purchased a customized one for the actress.

G3 was guessing that the ring might be a 4 carat diamond amounting to millions and when she asked for confirmation, Derek opted not to reveal more details and said, “Basta! It’s not important. Price doesn’t matter, because Ellen’s not that type of girl.”

Derek also stressed that there were no ex-deals that happened and he fully paid for the ring.

“It was perfect. It was how I imagined it. It just came out perfect. I tagged the people who did the ring because I’m appreciative,” he said.

“My God ang cheap naman no’n. This is me getting married. This is me proposing. Hindi ko nga tinanggap yung 7.8 carat diamond from my mom di ba?” he added.

Derek recalled feeling nervous because the customized ring arrived on the day of his proposal, March 30.

“I tagged them because they really did a good job and they got it here in the short span of time that I asked them and I was appreciative of that. Imagine my feeling when I got it on the day. I wasn’t even sure it came out the way I wanted it and when I saw it, it was really beautiful. I wanted the stone to speak for itself.”

Ellen and Derek revealed that they officially became a couple last February 4 and while it was a whirlwind romance, they both knew that they’re headed to a more serious relationship.

“He met me at the right time. During the pandemic, I fixed myself. I worked on myself. I did a lot of inner work so I knew what I wanted. I was content and happy without him,” she said.

In a previous interview, Ellen admitted that her past relationships may not have worked out because at the time, she still had a lot of issues that needed to be fixed. Last year, the actress went on a mental training and battled depression.

She then mentioned during the online interview with G3 that ever since she was young, she didn’t plan on getting married so their engagement also came as a surprise for her and her close friends.

“I didn’t have that desperate vibe of trying to look for love, looking for a guy to complete me. I was already complete and then when Derek came, he just made it better,” she shared.


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