Heart Evangelista Teaches Internet How To Laugh Like A Rich Girl

In true humorous fashion, Heart takes on the challenge of laughing like a rich girl!

Heart Evangelista drops a funny TikTok tutorial about the proper, calculated way of laughing—rich girl style! 

As stated by the 39-year-old fashion icon, the proper way of executing the rich-girl laugh is to calculate just enough giggle—never too many and always very reserved. 

Heart starts, “Paano gawin ang rich girl laugh? Hindi ko naman sinasabi na rich ako pero kung gusto mong magpanggap, why not?” 

She says, “Dapat bilang,” then proceeds to demonstrate a seemingly self-contained series of giggles with varying tones and measures. Heart then wraps up the tutorial with, “Ganun lang po ka-simple. In just less than five simple steps.” 

@lme85 Replying to @Liah ? original sound – Heart Evangelista

The phrase “rich girl laugh” has originated from its masculine counterpart “rich male laugh.” It started from a TikTok video of male golfers who let out their distinct giggles when a stray cat interrupted a swing from one of the players. 

Heart Evangelista on goals and contentment 

In a separate TikTok video, Heart has answered a query about her life ambitions—given that she has already seemingly achieved and done much of what life has to offer. 

Heart shares,. “It’s not that I don’t have anything else that I want, of course, I want a lot of things and I want to be something.

“But at a certain point in your life, you realize what truly matters, and that is your personal life, your family, and the real world— not Instagram.”

Heart Evangelista
Heart Evangelista
IMAGE: iamhearte on Instagram

With a quick trip down memory lane, Heart brought up that she’s been in showbiz for 13 years already. Considering that she’s been in the industry for quite a long time now, she still is amazed by the fact that she gets to do the things she loves doing. 

Heart says, “I never really imagined that I could still do what I’m doing up to this day, and I’m truly, truly grateful. And so, dahil I am 39, ayaw ko nang tumanda pa lalo by making haggard myself and super pushing, pushing, pushing everything.” 

She ends her video with a reverberating lesson that goes, “Everything that happens is just a bonus and enjoy life and work at the same time.”

@lme85 Replying to @RHEN ? original sound – Heart Evangelista

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