Did Aubrey Plaza Secretly Get Married to Her Long Time Partner?

Aubrey Plaza has been with her partner Jeff Baena since 2011 but the couple has always kept their relationship private. It’s the first time we’ve read about her referring to him as her husband in an Instagram post and it’s got us wondering: Did they secretly get married during the lockdown?

Who is Jeff Baena?

In 2019, the Parks and Rec actress spills that she was with someone in the same field as makes it easier to connect on a deeper level. Their relationship was mostly private, but Baena isn’t a stranger in the movie industry seeing that he’s a writer, director, and producer. Some of his notable works include I Heart Huckabees (2004), Life After Beth (2014), and Joshy (2016). He has since worked on several projects with Plaza.

The Instagram Announcement

When congratulating the amazing people involved in the pre-production of Spin Me Around, Plaza discreetly dropped the bomb that she and Baena have tied the knot. The caption read, “So proud of my darling husband Jeff Baena for dreaming up another film that takes us to Italia to cause some trouble.” There is no confirmation of the exact date of their marriage but we’re happy for the newlyweds.

On Being Quarantined Together

Just like everyone else, the couple quarantined together for months and enjoyed their quality time. “I think it was, obviously other than all of the catastrophic things happening in the world, just on a personal level,” Plaza tells People. “It was kind of nice to just be forced to be in one place for that long. Could have gone either way, I guess,” she continues.

Plaza and Baena have been together for almost a decade. The two have been linked since 2011 and have been supportive in their individual creative endeavors. For them, the key to a healthy relationship is finding a balance.  

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