Slater Young Speaks Up On Viral Real Estate Development Project

Slater Young underscores that they will be listening to all feedback

Engineer and content creator Slater Young has finally addressed the recent controversy he got embroiled in due to his Banaue Rice Terraces-inspired condominium project in Cebu.  

Slater reassured the public that he and his team remain committed to “listening and cooperating” as they proceed with the project.

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There are others who praised the ingenuity of the design since Monterrazas Rise will be “flowing” with the mountain.

Some netizens, however, expressed their concerns and frustrations over the possible environmental impact of the luxury development project.

In a statement released on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, Slater acknowledged the “sincere concerns” of the public.

“Rest assured we shall engage even more expert groups and environmental advocates to look over our plans,” he said. 

“Our team is composed of the most experienced architects, competent engineers, and sustainability experts. We went through about 300 revisions just to make sure that we plan and build this accordingly,” he added.

According to the statement, The Rise at Monterrazas has already received an environmental compliance certificate—which is required for construction—from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

He promised to update the public on their project on account of “full transparency,” which he says the people deserve. 

“We do share the same concerns for the environment and we will continue to listen,” he said. 

Copied design?

As if one issue is not enough, after raising issues on the environmental risks of his project, Slater was also slammed for allegedly copying a certain design concept in Greece. 

An architectural firm called 314 Architecture Studio uploaded a concept of a similarly layered resort on Instagram in 2022.

Some netizens observed that Monterrazas and 314 Studios’ groundbreaking idea called the “Gods and Dreams Resort” looks pretty much the same. 

Slater, however, has yet to address this new issue.

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