SZA Teases Unreleased Song In “Snooze” Music Video Preview

Teasing future releases in her music videos has been a routine for SZA

SZA gave fans a glimpse of an unreleased song in a behind-the-scenes clip from her upcoming music video for “Snooze.”

The clip on Instagram on August 12 showcases the R&B sensation engaging in an intimate dance with a cyborg, set to the backdrop of an unfamiliar SZA track.

Describing the teaser, she wrote, “Bts from snooze video but not snooze audio.”

In the preview, SZA is seen hugging a man in a dimly lit pool of water. She accompanied the post with the caption, “Sharing ideas cause therapy. (More Snooze bts).”

On the stripped-down unreleased track, SZA sings, “I need need you poolside, you been on my mind. Diamond boy, why you so shiny? Diamond boy gon’ get behind me / Diamond boy, your light’s so blinding.”

Although SZA hasn’t shared further details about the unreleased song, including its title or when the “Snooze” video will premiere, this tactic aligns with her past routines.

The artist often hints at new releases at the end of her music videos. For instance, she first previewed her 2020 hit “Good Days” at the end of the “Hit Different” music video. She also did this for her 2022 comeback track “Shirt.” SZA teased the track on Instagram and in the outro of the “Good Days” video.

SZA Snooze
Photo by SZA

SZA has maintained a tradition of offering glimpses of upcoming music in her videos. Known for her unique and engaging musical style, SZA’s second album “SOS” was lauded by NME as “a comeback album well worth the wait.”

The singer has mentioned before that she views her next album as “the best album of my life” and intends it to be her final release.

In her own words, SZA acknowledges the complexities of a music career’s longevity and impact on her creative expression.

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