“The Uncanny Counter” Season 2 Holds First Script Reading With New And Returning Cast Members

There will be new counters joining the original team

“The Uncanny Counter 2” is already in its pre-production stage!

On June 9, tvN shared photos of the cast from their project’s first script reading. The original cast returns for the new season with new faces tagging along.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2
Photo by tvN

Inspired by a webtoon, the series follows the thrilling adventures of demon hunters known as “counters.” They disguise themselves as noodle restaurant employees, battling demons in their quest for eternal life. The 2020 drama set a new ratings record for OCN during its initial run. The upcoming season brings back the original 5 counters who have grown stronger with newfound abilities and new members.

Reprising their lead roles, viewers can expect to see Jo Byeong Gyu as So Moon, Yoo Joon Sang as Ga Mo Tak, Kim Sejeong as Do Ha Na, Yeom Hye Ran as Choo Mae Ok, and Ahn Suk Hwan as Choi Jang Mool.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2
Photo by tvN

During the script reading for season two, the show’s producing director (PD), Yoo Seon Dong, expressed his appreciation, stating, “This feels new. Thank you to the counters and original staff for coming with me, and I warmly welcome our new actors and staff.”

Yoo Joon Sang enthusiastically said, “Let’s go to season seven together.”

The upgraded powers, improved teamwork, and lively banter among So Moon, Ga Mo Tak, Do Ha Na, Choo Mae Ok, and Choi Jang Mool promise great fun within the adrenaline-filled narrative.

New Cast Members

According to Soompi, the new cast members, Jin Sun Kyu, Kang Ki Young, Kim Hieora, and Yoo In Soo, added more laughter and tension to the reading. Jin Sun Kyu portrays Joo Seok, So Moon’s savior and a passionate firefighter teetering between good and evil. Kang Ki Young takes on the role of Pil Gwang, a predator who absorbs the counters’ powers.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2
Photo by tvN

Kim Hieora will play Gelly, a pure embodiment of evil, unafraid to scratch, stab, cut, and kill. Yoo In Soo portrays Jeok Bong, a recruited clumsy counter unfamiliar how things work.

The producers of tvN’s “The Uncanny Counter 2” shared their excitement. “A battle will unfold between the counters, who have become stronger with the addition of new powers. And the demons, who have become more malevolent after absorbing the counters’ abilities,” they revealed.

They added, “In addition to the unique charm of Season 1, we have elevated the visuals and action sequences, promising a maximum level of exhilaration with an expanded scale and universe in ‘The Uncanny Counter 2’.”

The Season 2 of “The Uncanny Counter,” will premiere in July on tvN. For now, watch the official teaser here:

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