Love “XO, Kitty?” Catch More Of Anna Cathcart in These Four Films And Series

Aside from Kitty, Anna played Zoe, Dizzy, and Olympia, too!

Before viewers came to know Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song-Covey in the Netflix hit series “To All The Boys Before” and its spin-off “XO, Kitty,” the 18-year-old actress also bannered some series and films that most people might know nothing about. 

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Anna Cathcart
IMAGE: annacathcart on Instagram

Aside from her breakout role as the ultimate matchmaker of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, she has also played roles as a high-schooler, a daughter of a Disney villain, and a secret agent, among many others. 

From unraveling odd mysteries to adding a wicked twist to fairy tales, Anna’s charisma has shone brightly alongside co-stars who are equally stellar. And so, FreebieMNL rewinds the reels and celebrates her journey to stardom, one remarkable role at a time, with these following Anna Cathcart projects.

Zoe Valentine (2019)

Anna Cathcart in Zoe Valentine
Anna Cathcart as Zoe Valentine with leading man Diego Velasquez
IMAGE: “Zoe Valentine”

Anna headlined the titular character of Zoe Valentine—a 15-year-old high school student burdened by her sister’s untimely passing from cancer. Sibling to Cleo Valentine, Zoe then embarks to find fragments of what was once her sister’s life while also juggling herself as a freshman and as an active member of Attaway High’s student council. 

Armed with a camera and her charming wit, she fearlessly embarks on a journey of self-discovery, launching her own beauty vlog that captures the hearts of all who dare to dream. 

Zoe Valentine was produced by Los Angeles-based digital studio Brat, under the direction of John Baumgartner. It has aired for two seasons starting in 2019, and currently, the episodes of these two seasons can be streamed on YouTube

Spring Breakaway (2019) 

Anna Cathcart in "Spring Breakaway"
Jules LeBlanc, Anna Cathcart,
Kianna Naomi, Lilia Buckingham
IMAGE: “Spring Breakaway”

In “Spring Breakaway” (2019), Anna reprises her role as the fizzy Zoe Valentine of the series of the same name. The scenes are set on a sun-soaked spring break in Miami wherein Zoe and her ride-or-die girl squad, Rhyme, Autumn, and Effie forge new relationships—both romantic and platonic. 

Aside from Zoe, played by Anna, the characters of this all-femme circle are Jules LeBlanc, Lilia Buckingham, and Kianna Naomi; making up the ultimate girl gang if one wants to be reminded of sand, surf, and shared secrets. 

The film was directed by Shannon Flynn and was produced by Brat TV— the same studio that brought viewers the standalone “Zoe Valentine.” 

Descendants 2 and 3 (2017, 2019) 

Anna Cathcart as Dizzy Tremaine
Anna Cathcart as Dizzy Tremaine
IMAGE: “Descendants 2”

In the musical comedy film “Descendants 2,” Anna takes a twist as the charismatic Dizzy Tremaine—daughter of Drizella Tremaine who happens to be a classic villain in Disney’s “Cinderella.” 

However hostile her roots are, Dizzy is one of the few villain-born kids who possesses a meek demeanor, and that her quirkiness in the series weaves a new layer into the tapestry of classic stories. 

Deviating far from the evil origin of her grandmother Lady Tremaine, Dizzy takes interest in anything crafty. Her inclination to fashion design and arts encompasses her look as a spectacled, paint-splattered girl with hair bunned into two. 

Anna made it to the ensemble as the youngest kid, carrying her role from “Descendants 2” to “Descendants 3” as the same crafty girl. 

“Descendants 2” is an American media franchise directed by Kenny Ortega. It follows the debut movie of the same title that saw a record-high of 100 million views on television viewings, digital rentals, and old-school physical media sales. 

Odd Squad: World Turned Odd (2016)

Anna Cathcart in "Odd Squad: World Turned Odd"
IMAGE: “Odd Squad: Word Turned Odd”

In “Odd Squad: World Turned Odd” (2016), Anna banners as the clever Olympia—one of the lead agents of a secret government agency committed to solving mysteries.

Anna’s portrayal of J.J Johnson’s Olympia injects a spark of intellect into the enigmatic Odd Squad, as she joins forces with Philip Daniel Bolden, Millie Davis, Sean Michael Kyer, and Addison Riecke, to make up a squad like no other. 

Anna Cathcart as Agent Olympia
Isaac Kragten, Anna Cathcart
IMAGE: Odd Squad: World Turned Odd

Anna Cathcart in her own story

The Irish-Chinese actress’s breakout role as Kitty Covey in “XO, Kitty” was expected to level with the success of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” 

Prior to release, people only know of Anna as Kitty, the sister of Lara Jean, and the reason why Lara Jean and her love interest Peter Kavinsky have their happily ever after.

Now giving merit to the dream matchmaker, Kitty takes front and center in her own love story—with an interesting plot of how she moved from Portland, Oregon to Seoul, South Korea in pursuit of true love. 

Following the success of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” many fans were anticipating that Lana Condor (Lara Jean) and Noah Centineo (Peter Kavinsky) would have their own cameo. 

However, the author of the original story Jenny Han has opted out from including them for one particular reason. 

She shares, “We all fell so deeply in love with Lara Jean and her story. So, it felt like the greatest gift to give to Kitty was to let her as a character kind of set off on her own two feet and not put her in the shadow of either of her sisters.”

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