Yasmien Kurdi Airs Disappointment Over Deleted Gender-Reveal Video

Yasmien: “Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit offensive na ang ganitong mga bagay ngayon”

Yasmien Kurdi can’t help but cry foul over a deleted gender-reveal video for allegedly violating community standards on Facebook and Instagram. 

On Tuesday, April 23, 2024, the 35-year-old celebrity took to Instagram her sentiments—saying that the removal of her video was outright unjustifiable. 

Yasmien’s caption goes, “Ang i-report niyo po ay ang mga malalaswang contents, huwag po yung wholesome contents. Isipin po natin ang mga anak at magiging anak natin. Anong klaseng mundo ba natin sila gusto palakihin?” 

Attached to the post is a series of slides containing a chronological account of the incident, including the warning that Facebook issued for allegedly promoting “bullying and harassment.” 

The slide reads (published as is), “Just last night we posted a video of our mini GENDER REVEAL and to our surprise this was taken down today both on fb and IG due to bullying and harassment.

“We get reported a lot for wholesome contents. Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit offensive na ang ganitong mga bagay ngayon, at ang kalaswaan tulad ng paghuhubad at pagmumura ay tanggap na tanggap.”

Fellow celebrities, including Dianne Medina, Nadine Samonte, Cynthia Tomalla, and Melissa Mendez, have come to Yasmien’s defense—all agreeing that the warning lacks good sense. 

Dianne comments, “Why? I don’t get it. Napakaganda ng content about celebration of a new life new baby haaay.” 

Screenshot 2024 04 24 111559

Meanwhile, Nadine responds, “Oh why???? Anu masama sa post mo eh ang ganda nga. Kaloka sila ah. Pero yung mga nagmumura okay na okay [sa kanila] [rolling eyes emoji]” 

Screenshot 2024 04 24 111647

Cynthia, on the other hand, suggests that there should be a more streamlined authority and review on the platform. Part of her comment reads, “Meta should really start working better on the terms and regulations.“

Screenshot 2024 04 24 111623
Screenshot 2024 04 24 111701

On top of that, netizens have offered the same sentiments—comforting Yasmien and affirming that her content does not wrought anything offensive. 

Days prior to the publication and eventual deletion of the gender-reveal video, Yasmien has teased her followers with a separate Instagram reel wherein she can be seen getting hands-on in baking the blue-and-pink colored cake. 

Yasmien Kurdi is expecting another baby girl

A PEP.ph report released on Tuesday, April 24, 2024 says that Yasmien is already on her full term and is set to deliver her incoming daughter anytime soon.  

Yasmien says, “Waiting na lang pomag-try po kasi ako mag normal delivery [praying hands emoji]. So, tomorrow ko po malalaman kung qualified ako.” 

Yasmien Kurdi with husband Rey Soldevilla Jr. and daughter Ayesha Zara
Yasmien Kurdi, Rey Soldevilla Jr., daughter Ayesha Zara
IMAGE: yasmien_kurdi on Instagram

Married to Rey Soldevilla Jr., Yasmien delivered her firstborn Ayesha Zara via Caesarean operation. However this time, she wants to bear the kid on normal terms. 

The actress, as confirmed by PEP.ph, has already come up with the baby’s name—but will wait a bit more for her to disclose it to the general public. 

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