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2000s Fashion Items Making a Comeback

We might not be able to turn back time but history, as we know, repeats itself and we’ve reached another cycle in fashion where the clothing choices we used to cringe at are now back in style. Millennials might take a swipe on them because they’ve “been there, done that” but Gen Z is not just -copy-pasting these trends. Which Y2K items is this generation bringing back?


Never mind a bad hair day when you can style it up with a headband or bandana. Pick a pattern to match your outfit and see how much more put together you look. Fingers crossed Gossip Girl’s fashion icon, Blair Waldorf, forgives us for ditching her favorite hair accessory.


Low-rise Jeans

Before you get defensive about your love for high-rise jeans, maybe this a step in the right direction. Jessica Blair pointed out that this used to be a trend exclusive to people who are a size 2 a smaller, but the popularity of low-rise jeans could challenge the double standard in fashion and fatphobia.


Baby Tanks and Tees

People are basically dressing up like Bratz dolls with the fitted cropped shirts embroidered with random quotes or minimal graphics. Popstars in the 90s and early 2000s rocked this look on the red carpet, but you’ll be spotting these tees in mirror selfies these days.


Baguette Bags

Carrie Bradshaw often carried a baguette bag in Sex in the City and it feels like a major throwback seeing these pouches out on the streets again. They might only be able to fit your essentials, but they get the work done when you need to pose for a quick picture while out for your errands.


Pleated Skirts

If you spent most of your teenage nights scrolling through Tumblr, you know how trendy pleated skirts were. Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten rid of your old pair, after all. They’d be the perfect uniform for Zoom University.



Front-tie cardigans are a cute way to cover up without looking too grandma-y. It layers well with a bralette or t-shirt and you can wear it even when it’s warm outside. A pastel or neutral-colored top would be a safe bet.


Chunky Jewelry

The beaded jewelry and plastic rings you used to play dress-up with during your childhood no longer have to stay hidden in your box of old things. Lyst’s data shows the search for chunky and bold “resin rings” have gone up, as well as “colorful rings” in sought-after colors like neon-green, hot pink, and yellow.


Trends come and go, and this year Y2K and 2000s fashion is making a comeback. From iconic headbands to chunky accessories, which item made you feel nostalgic?  

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