Check Out This Low-Carb Rice Cooker from Condura

Filipinos love rice and would gladly have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re watching your health and need to cut down on carbs, it might be hard to give up the staple. Although there are healthier alternatives like cauliflower rice or shirataki rice, they just don’t give the same satisfaction. It’s a good thing low-carb rice cookers now exist.

Introducing the Condura Low-Carb Rice Cooker

Yes, low-carb rice cookers exist. This device from Condura promises to reduce the carbs in your rice by 37%, allowing you to enjoy your rice with less guilt. The 2L capacity makes for 10 cups of regular rice or 4 cups of low-carb rice. Not to mention, it comes in a sleek black color with electronic control and an LED display, fit for modern kitchens.

Check Out This Low-Carb Rice Cooker from Condura
Photo: ConcepStore/Condura

Traditional rice cooker vs. Low-Carb Rice Cooker

The main difference between the rice cooker commonly found in households and the low-carb rice cooker is the cooking pot. Traditional rice cookers heat rice and water in the same pot, which retains the starch content. Low-carb rice cookers are comprised of two inner cooking pots that help separate the starch from the grain. The carb-reducing effect is made possible with the patented rice basket that drains the carbohydrates via distillation.  

Photo: ConcepStore/Condura

How to Cook with a Low-Carb Rice Cooker?

For every cup of rice, double the amount of water and choose the low-carb setting. It takes about 50 minutes to cook the rice in this setting. Taste-wise, it’s the same as your regular serving of white rice, except 25.6g of carbs is reduced per 100g.

Condura’s low-carb rice cooker is multifunctional, with options like quick cook, slow cook, clay pot rice, porridge, and soup. It also has a reheating function, so you’ll always have a warm meal.

Photo: ConcepStore/Condura

While low-carb rice cookers sound promising, the best way to stay healthy while eating rice is by serving it in moderation. Check out the Condura Low-Carb rice cooker on ConcepStore or Lazada to purchase or know more about the product.


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