Must-have Kitchen Tools for Home Bakers

Baking is a fun hobby to take up, especially when you get to eat and share what you make afterward. Assuming you already have non-stick trays and pans, these are the must-have kitchen tools for home bakers. Add these to your arsenal and get ready to bake some goodies.

Measuring Cup

Unlike cooking, you can’t just eyeball measurements when you’re baking. You need to pay attention to the exact quantities in the recipe. This is when a measuring cup will come in handy.

Must-have Kitchen Tools for Home Bakers
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Kitchen Scale

Certain ingredients are better measured by weight than by volumes like flour, water, and sugar. It’s also useful if you need to portion things to be the same size or distribute cake batter evenly.

kitchen scale
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Rolling Pin

There is more than one kind of rolling pin and most households own a classic handled one. It can be used for more than just rolling out dough and pastry which makes it an all-around kitchen tool.

rolling pin
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Pastry Bags

Pastry bags are commonly used to neatly pipe decorations, batters, and puréed ingredients. The tip you use at the end of the conical-shaped plastic would depend on the desired outcome.

piping bag
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Pastry Brush

Pro tip from Dessert Person Claire Saffitz, use a brush with natural bristles as they tend to hold on to liquid much better. You’re better off not buying the cheap silicone ones with tentacle-like bristles.

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Dusting Wand

Evenly flour your baking pans and prepare your surface before rolling your dough with this item. It can also be used to finish your baked goods with precise dusting.

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Baking Spatula

No, you can’t use the spatula you use for frying. The blades are slightly flexible, making it easy to scrape the batter out of cups, frost cakes, and remove cookies from the pan.

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Bowl Scraper

This baking tool is self-explanatory. It’s designed to scrape the remnants of a bowl when you’re dealing with dough or a thick batter.

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Food Thermometer

An instant-read food thermometer would be ideal for accurate temperature readings. Aside from being used on your temperature-sensitive baked goods, it removes the guesswork when temping meat.

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Aspiring home bakers should have most, if not all, of these kitchen tools. These are the tools you’ll frequently reach for when making baked goods and would be worth investing in.

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