Vlogger Bernie Batin’s Sari-Sari Store Becomes Pangasinan Tourist Attraction

The success of Bernie Batin’s TikToks has changed his town!

Bernie Batin, known for his antics and sassy attitude on his TikTok, has made his parent’s sari-sari store a local tourist attraction. 

The store is present in most of his videos and people have begun to come from all over the Philippines to see just where their favorite videos were made!

In a statement made during the release of his single “Utang Mo”, he says that at first only people from his barangay bought from their store. He then went on to say that eventually, more and more people started to visit their shop. These Bernie Batin fans came from as far as Cavite, Manila or even Batangas. He now has 5.2 million followers on TikTok!

Contrary to popular belief, “Utang Mo”, which was released under Star Music, is not his first single. He came out with “Pabile, Wanpipte” in 2021 under a different record label.

Staying Humble

Even though Bernie himself is surprised at the success that he has gotten, he does not take this success for granted. He states that he does not want to be a showoff, but rather be an inspiration for fellow content creators.

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While he might have the means to expand his parents’ business, he says that the store is mostly just a hobby for his parents and that he does not want them to get tired of managing a larger store.

He advises others who seek to become successful vloggers to trust in themselves and God. Furthermore, he says that in order to become successful you need to not give up and to not consider how much you’re earning. Instead, he says you should focus on being happy with what you are doing or creating. According to Bernie, enjoying yourself while working makes the work easier. 

With all the achievements and accolades so far, he’s proudest of having bought a lot where a home for his parents will soon be built.

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