You can still take pleasure in the sumptuous sounds of mukbang videos, just not from Chinese vloggers. That’s because Chinese President Xi Jinping has outlawed last Thursday, May 6, overblown gluttony in public and on social media. But it’s not because China has a food shortage — it’s actually part of Xi’s campaign to conserve food resources […]
When we see Pinoy-baiting vlogs, we usually don’t bat an eye. But you don’t turn your back on Jollibee, especially when it’s reviewed by someone as entertaining as Try Guys’ Keith Habersberger. On Sunday, after receiving dozens of requests from fans, Keith of The Try Guys finally got around to review the Filipino fast-food restaurant, Jollibee. On […]
Your girl Mimiyuuuh just fulfilled another dream for her family! After buying a house for her family last year, the 23-year-old vlogger, model, and singer has finally been able to buy their first-ever family car as well. Surprising the parents Her recent vlog “Surprising my parents with a new car!!! (Dream come true!)” documents the […]

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