How Marian Rivera Made Ivana Alawi Cry In Vlog Collab

It was Marian’s first time pulling a prank on someone!

Ivana Alawi could not help but shed tears when Marian Rivera successfully pulled a sungit prank during their seafood mukbang on YouTube. 

In a YouTube vlog uploaded on Tuesday, December 28, Marian and Ivana can be seen enjoying king crab for their mukbang collaboration. While doing so, Ivana’s sister, Mona Alawi, is throwing questions, which they have to answer. 

Marian Rivera and Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi, Marian Rivera
Screengrab from Ivana Alawi’s YouTube Channel

What started as a fun conversation then quickly turned into tension when Marian decided to show her faux Prima Donna attitude to make Ivana cry. 

It begins with Mona asking Marian and Ivana, “May chance po bang magkasama kayo sa isang movie or teleserye?” 

Ivana quickly answers, “Ay ‘day, baka hindi ko pa call time nandun na ako!”

Mona then reverts with, “Dito pa lang…” referring to Ivana who arrived a little later than the call time they agreed upon.

Marian then sees the opportunity to pull out her attitude and says, “Dito pa lang? Bakit late ka kanina? O, sabi mo, maaga ka. Bakit ngayon late ka? Alam mo bang ayaw na ayaw ko ng late?”

Ivana seems to be cornered by Marian’s sudden confrontation, as she tries to find her words. 

Marian presses, “Bakit ka late? Ayaw ko na nga gawin to, e.” 

Ayan pinaalala mo, nako, hate ko pa naman yan,” Marian adds, referring to Mona. 

Ivana answers, “Hindi po. Next time po, maaga ako,” to which Marian reverts, “Wala nang next time. Last mo na ‘to.”

Getting in the zone of her prank, Marian nags Ivana with, “Palagi ba siyang late? Hindi magandang attitude yan kapag artista ka, ha.

“Sa taping ganyan ka din? Prima Donna ka? Ganito ba siya sa taping?” 

A speechless Ivana shortly replies, “Hindi po.” 

Marian then asks her team why Ivana is late for this particular collaboration. She even points out that Ivana might have been playing favorites since the actress never misses her taping schedule for “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.” 

Marian Rivera waited for Ivana Alawi “for almost an hour”

At this point, Marian was heating up, as she pointed out that she would not be mad if Mona did not bring it up. For Ivana, she is surprised to know that Marian had waited for her for almost an hour. 

When Marian asks what was the reason behind the delay, Ivana answers that her brother Hash had to use the comfort room before leaving. 

Ivana follows it up with, “Sorry, promise hindi na mauulit.” 

Marian replies, “Hindi na nga, hindi ka na din mauulit dito,” referring to their collaboration.

As Ivana attempts to explain herself, Marian says, “E, bakit dito, attitude ka sa akin? Bakit ka na-late? Alam mo, walang nagpapahintay sa akin dito. ‘Tapos ikaw, late ka?”

Marian then focuses her attention to the food and says, “’Tapos ito lang handa mo sakin, crab lang? Sabi nila madaming food, ‘di ba? Naku, ano bang vlog ‘to? Kakaloka, puchu puchu, ano ba ‘to? 

Ayaw ko na ‘to, huwag mo na ‘to palabas ah. Naiirita ako, e.”

O, ba’t naiiyak ka?” then asks Marian who sees Ivana on the verge of tears already. Ivana only dismisses it with, “Hindi ah.” 

Marian, who’s been building up her anger for a few minutes now, says that she made an effort just to do the vlog, even going to the mall, for one. 

While walking out away from the set, Marian says, “Huwag niyo ilabas ‘to, ah. ‘Di ako natutuwa sa inyo, ano ‘to? Hay, kakairita!” 

Overwhelmed with the turn of events, Ivana can be seen crying already, as she asks her team to pack up the set. 

Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi
Screengrab from Ivana Alawi’s YouTube Channel

Mona asks Marian to prank Ivana 

Little did Ivana know, everything was staged by her sister Mona, who initially asked Marian to do the prank. 

At the 10-minute mark of the video, a rewind video call exchange was shown, in which Mona was convincing Marian to execute the attitude prank on her sister.

It was Mona’s birthday surprise for her sister, who turned a year older on December 25.

Ivana having rude encounters with celebrities isn’t new, except that in the past, it was not staged nor a prank.

It can be recalled that Ivana opens up about her rude experiences with GMA-7 and ABS-CBN artists in a separate YouTube vlog. 

In the vlog, Ivana mentions how a number of celebrities tried to pick up a fight with her. But she says, “Hindi ko pinapatulan.” 

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Shortly after the recent video was released, Marian was interviewed by TV5’s MJ Marfori about the experience. 

Marian reveals that she was hesitant to do the prank at first for fear of upsetting Ivana. However, she says that she granted Mona’s wish since they were close friends and that they had worked on a project before. 

In the end, Marian could not contain her performance anymore as she runs back to Ivana to hug her and say “It’s a prank!” 

Marian Rivera and Ivana Alawi
Marian Rivera, Ivana Alawi
Screengrab from Ivana Alawi’s YouTube Channel

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