Guam Rolls out Air Vacation & Vaccine Program

Guam Rolls out Air Vacation & Vaccine Program

Guam, a U.S. Island territory, launched an Air V&V program in June to promote tourism. As of writing, 75% of its population has been fully vaccinated, and they’re offering the surplus to tourists. The vacation while you wait program is first being rolled out to Taiwanese guests, with the first 164 having arrived last July 6.

Guam Rolls out Air Vacation & Vaccine Program
Photo by Moralis Tsai on Unsplash

What is the Air V&V Program?

“This program captures a unique demographic of travelers around the world that are tired of waiting to get vaccinated in this pandemic,” Guam Visitors Bureau President, said at the launch of the Air V&V. He adds, “This will give a shot in the arm to our tourism industry to put our people back to work and get our economy roaring again.” Hotel employees are both anxious and excited as they prepare for incoming guests.

What’s Included in the Air V&V Package?

Prices for the Air V&V package begin at $1,400 and is inclusive of flights and hotels. Among the dozens of hotels participating in the program are the Dusit Thani Guam Resort, Grand Plaza Hotel, and Hyatt Regency Guam. However, tourists will have to pay a separate fee for the vaccines and PCR tests for an additional $200 to $400.  

How to Avail the Air V&V Package?

Visitors will need to book a five-day or 22-day tour package to Guam. Those under the Air V&V program are exempt from quarantine provided they present a valid COVID-19 test upon arrival. If they are eligible for the vaccine, they can choose between Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson a day after and freely tour the island.

Lion Travel’s spokesperson reports that 73% of travelers on the flight last July 6 were under 50 years old and 97% of these intend to get vaccinated during the trip. Guam expects to welcome 2,000 more visitors in July and August as Taiwan faces a shortage in vaccines.


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