You can actually book an Oval Office-themed room at this motel

Have you ever dreamt of having total control and power over the things in front of you? What if you were given a chance to be at the seat of the most powerful nation in the world (aka the United States of America) for a day?

Well, you can now “enjoy the seat of power” thanks to a motel known to a lot of Filipinos for having a unique range of rooms and suites that lets guests enjoy an experience like no other. Yes, Victoria Court actually has an Oval Office-themed or the official working space of the President of the United States of America. It is also the same room where the POTUS makes the most crucial decisions that affect the world.

Oh, and we are pretty glad it looks almost exactly like the Oval Office of incumbent President Joe Biden! Just so you know, the interiors of the Oval Office change depending on the personality of who is currently taking over the most powerful seat in the world. Are you curious what the Victoria Court version ACTUALLY looks like? You can check out the photo below:

If you’re wondering where you can find it, you can head to the Victoria Court branch in Panorama, Pasig. And yes, you can actually book this room for just P3,999!

Honestly, we would like to see a Malacañang-themed room, soon! Hopefully, it would be as nice as this Oval room too!

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