Do you frequently shop online and opt for Cash on Delivery? Beware of this new scam that targets homes that pay via COD. A netizen on Facebook warns online shoppers about this modus where men pretending to deliver a package victimize gullible customers to pay for something they didn’t order. What’s alarming is the package will even have your full name and address written on it.

Beware of this Online Delivery Scam
Photo: Facebook/Sigaw ng Bayan

The incident happened around 2:30 PM when someone claiming to be from Shopee tried to drop off a parcel at their home. Luckily, the receiver was aware of these scams and inspected the package before paying for the order that supposedly amounts to P3,499. Although it was wrapped in the orange pouch, the details of the receiver were handwritten and there was no waybill attached. This confirmed their hunch that this was a fraudulent transaction.

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When the receiver confirmed with other people in their household that it was not one of the packages they were expecting, they confronted the deliveryman. Caught in the act, he said he would cancel the order instead and went on his way. The receiver was quick enough to take a picture of the scammer and cautiously followed the deliveryman shortly after he left. He didn’t even have a motorcycle, which made him more suspicious. It turns out, his accomplice was waiting in the distance.

Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

  • If you live in a household with other people, let them know that you are expecting a package.
  • Before receiving any package, confirm with the recipient that they ordered anything and the amount due.
  • Check the waybill. Your full name, complete address, contact information, the amount due, and the shop’s name should be listed on it, as well as a bar code.
  • Take a picture of the scammer and report them.
  • Remove the waybill and cross out any sensitive information before disposing of the packaging. You could also donate them to initiatives like The Plastic Flamingo that recycle plastic waste.

The intention of the original poster was not to paint delivery riders in a bad light. They just want to share their experience and remind online shoppers to be vigilant.


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