ICYMI: Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl Again!

If Michael Jordan is to basketball, then Tiger Woods is to golf. There are certain athletes who have made an impact so strong people associate their names with their respective sports. When it comes to American football, there is one name that rises above the rest. That name is Tom Brady.

Born Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., the American quarterback currently plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He spent the first twenty seasons of his professional National Football League (NFL) career playing for the New England Patriots, where he has won six championships. He’s been in the game since 2002, and amazingly enough, the man is not slowing down because he’s in the Super Bowl again!

As GQ Magazine jokingly said, it’s time to hate Tom Brady again. Why? On February 8 (US time), Brady will lead his team against the Kansas City Chiefs. This is Brady’s first year with the Buccaneers, and before his arrival, they had suffered four consecutive losing seasons. Plus, this is Brady’s 10th appearance in the Super Bowl. His record is second only to the New England Patriots’ record of 11 Super Bowl appearances. Yes, he is second only to his former team!

If that statistic alone doesn’t impress you, here’s’ another: According to Sports Illustrated Magazine, no other starter quarterback in the NFL has had more than five appearances in the NFL finals. He’s also appeared in the Super Bowl more times than 26 NFL franchises. Needless to say, Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. 

To top it all off, not only is Brady a powerhouse on the football field, but he is also married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Married for over a decade, the ridiculously beautiful couple has two equally gorgeous children. Whatever the results are in the upcoming Super Bowl, love him or hate him, Brady sure is winning at life!


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