Japan’s “scream inside your heart” rule is everyone’s 2020 mood

Screenshot from YouTube: Fuji-Q Highland Official

To slowly get our economies back up, we are made to understand that compromises would be a crucial part of the new normal. This includes temperature checks at entrances, the mandatory wearing of masks, round-the-clock sanitation, and for Japanese amusement parks, a screaming ban.

You didn’t read that wrong. To continue enjoying the excitement of thrill rides in Japan, guests are urged to “scream inside their hearts” so as to avoid potentially spreading the virus to other patrons sharing the ride. To demonstrate, executives one theme park in Japan rode the Fujiyama coaster themselves in this hilarious four-minute footage. 

These well-dressed, straight-faced gentlemen are from Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in Japan. Remaining completely still and silent all throughout, they prove that the task can not only be done but can also be hilarious when caught on film. The dapper fellow on the right even adjusts his mask mid-cruise, because obviously, that’s the biggest issue for him.

Of course, amusement park administrators know that it’s virtually impossible for visitors to follow this rule, so they moved to simply insist it rather than require it.

Thank you for the concern, Japan, now please grace us with another serious roller coaster-riding video.


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