Look: The 2022 Winter Olympics Medal Have Been Unveiled

The Beijing Organizing Committee (BOCOG) announced the design of the medals to be awarded at the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. It’s symbolic in a way that it was designed with the 2008 Summer Games jade-inlaid medals in mind. The new design was unveiled at a “Together for a Shared Future” ceremony in Beijing, China.

Look: The 2022 Winter Olympics Medal Have Been Unveiled
Photo: Beijing Organising Committee (BOCOG)

What the 2022 Winter Olympic Games Medal Symbolizes

The Beijing 2022 medals are called “Tong Xin,” which translates to “together as one.” It’s composed of five rings, with the design based on Chinese ancient jade concentric circle pendants. These rings symbolize the Olympic spirit of bringing people together and how the world collectively witnesses the greatness of athletes at the Olympic Winer Games.

A Detailed Look at the Olympic Medals

A close look at the medal shows the Olympic logo at the center of the smallest circle. The rings around it are engraved with the words “XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022,” and elaborate, winter-themed embellishments like snowflakes, ice, and clouds.

beijing 2022 medal
Photo: Beijing Organising Committee (BOCOG)

On the back of the medals are similar circular patterns with the 2022 Winter Olympics logo in the center and the Chinese translation of the event. Names of the individual events will also be etched on the outermost ring. The concave shape of the ring resembles that of a classic jade pendant.

A Detailed Look at the Paralympic Medals

The Paralympic medals will feature a similar design to the Olympic medals. Mainly, the difference is the logo, which will be replaced with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) logo. Plus, the words “Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games” and its Braille beads translation are etched on the outermost ring of the medal.

beijing 2022 medal 2
Photo: Beijing Organising Committee (BOCOG)

With less than 100 days before the event, the committee is beginning the preparations at the National Stadium in Beijing, China. It will be the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games.

The Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 will be held between February 4 and February 20, 2022.

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