THIS many people are thinking of resigning amid the pandemic

THIS many people are thinking of resigning amid the pandemic
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Are you thinking of quitting your job amid the pandemic? Well, it turns out that you’re not alone. According to Kaspersky’s “Securing the Future of Work” report, a third of employees are thinking of shifting to a new job within the next 12 months. 

The primary reasons why they’re looking for a career change are both understandable and natural under the circumstances. 49% of the respondents of the study said they wanted to receive a higher salary, while 41% wanted to maintain a fair work-life balance.

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Aside from salary and personal comfort, people are also looking for a job that’s worthwhile and meaningful. It seems that the events of 2020 have made employees rethink their current job, and realize the value of their time, and what they want to spend it on. 

Despite the uncertainties in the job market, people remain ambitious. While nearly half of people would rather stay in their current jobs, a lot of employees still feel the need to reconfigure their workdays to better fit around their personal lives. Amid the ongoing lockdown and work-from-home setup, they have had more time to think about their future careers or upskill or learn something new. 

The study also revealed that the pandemic made people realize the joy of spending more time at home with the family, as well as pursuing hobbies and personal interests. People have been mostly at home after all. Employees still want to have this opportunity open to them. 

Given that the end of the pandemic is not in sight just yet, it’s quite understandable that people’s priorities have shifted, and want to make the most of what they have. The ongoing crisis may have caused people a lot of problems, but it has also its silver linings.

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